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CM club: Anyone childmind in a flat?

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mogs0 Tue 03-Jul-07 14:07:57

I'm on the 2nd floor and am consious that the noise mindees and I make will disturb the people downstairs. Anyway, man downstairs has just come in, turned his music on with the bass up full and is hammering something! I know he's not to know that my 2 mindees are sleeping but please SHUT UP!!!!!

dmo Tue 03-Jul-07 14:30:08

poor you mog
can be the same if you live in a house with noisy neighbours

mogs0 Tue 03-Jul-07 14:33:19

True, I did think that when I was writing.

He's banging in and out of his door now.

Mindee2 has only slept for about 15 mins, usually has 2 hours but he's quite happy singing in the travel cot so will leave him there for a little longer.

Rubybees Tue 03-Jul-07 14:34:27

I live in forces accomadation and live in a semi, for the past 18 months I've had no neighbours till some moved in last week

We'll today I keep listening out upstairs any to remember I now have people living next door

ahem do you not know kids are asleep here xx

Rubybees Tue 03-Jul-07 14:34:54


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