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Help -- need childcare from 10:40 11:40 tomorrow morning in Twickenham (West London)

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eleusis Sun 01-Jul-07 17:21:05

I know this ia a long shot. But, I'm in a pickle. DD is supposed to go to her shool to meet the reception teacher for next year, and I've just realise younger syblings cannot attend... OOPS! So, while I'm obviously wanting to go to this... it looks like we may be no shows unless I come up with someone to look after DS.

Damn damn damn..... Why do I do these things?!?!

mogs0 Sun 01-Jul-07 19:34:15

I am a cm in Chiswick if you want to bring your dc here, although I understand it may be a little far for just an hour!

Don't the school do home visits? Seems a little inconvenient to say no siblings.

mumlove Sun 01-Jul-07 20:51:17

Not near you so cannot help, but at my DD school when the new children go in to meet the teacher they go in buy themseleves and mix with the reception children.

eleusis Sun 01-Jul-07 20:55:31

She is in the nursey at the school now. They did a home visit before nursery started. Tomorrow all the nursery kids go in to meet their teacher and see you is in what class, and buy uniforms, etc.

So this is, for most of them, the ssecond year of school.

eleusis Sun 01-Jul-07 20:57:08

Are you a nanny/childminder? Where are you in Chiswick?

eleusis Sun 01-Jul-07 21:12:05

Ah.... panic over. DH has just offered to work from home tomorrow so he can look after DS whilst I go to school with DD.

mogs0 Sun 01-Jul-07 22:35:09

Soz, been doing my grocery shopping, thought it was supposed to be quicker online but still takes me at least an hour and a half!!

Glad you got it sorted! For future ref; i'm near Strand on the Green, between Chiswick and Kew bridge. Am a registered CM.

Hope DD has fun at school tomorrow!!

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