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Advice please on childminder issues, only back to work!!

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themoomoo Wed 16-Jan-19 14:52:05

what's leap 7?

HSMMaCM Tue 15-Jan-19 15:10:18

My 10 month olds are just transitioning from 2 sleeps to 1 sleep just after lunch. Ask her if you can have a word sometime, so she's not trying to juggle children at the door and see if you can find a mutually convenient time for him to nap, preferably in a cot (but one of mine prefers a mat on the floor).

He's probably not sleeping at night because he's too tired. It sort of makes them over active.

blondeirishmummy84 Tue 15-Jan-19 11:52:45

Thank you, thats what I maybe thought, that he is too excited to sleep with the other kids, toys etc and I had also suspected he might soon be ready to drop a nap as well.

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CatToddlerUprising Tue 15-Jan-19 11:40:24

My DD was the same but it was the excitement of other children, toys and being in new places that decreased her nap time. My CM always tried putting her down for a nap but with other children she couldn’t (understandably!) keep forcing it. And some children drop a nap by that age anyways- especially if their usual sleep pattern is interrupted with teething, new environment etc. I think you should let the issue go if your DC is being well cared for

blondeirishmummy84 Tue 15-Jan-19 11:33:53

Hi, sorry for long post in advance!
Its early days and want to give my sons childminder a chance, but just have 1 or 2 concerns and not sure if I am overthinking things or not! Or maybe I am just not used to being out of control when it comes to my son (10 months old) lol.
I started back at work a week ago and prior to this my son spent a month settling in with the childminder a few hours a week and thankfully settled in well. He seems to like it there and doesnt cry when i leave and smiles at her when he sees her. She got great references as well so we were glad to have found her.
My sons sleep hasnt been great since christmas with being unwell, then teething, then I think a bit of 8-10 month sleep regression. Now I think he may have some separation anxiety on top of being out of his usual nap routine. I always had him down for two naps a day. But since I have been back to work this has continued and maybe got a little worse now he is at childminders full time.
He is often harder to put down to bed (before he would self settle no problem mostly) and waking more frequently at night. I would go in and soothe him but the minute i leave the room he screams. He is sometimes waking for feeds too.
So the childminder said he is eating and drinking well during the day, but when I ask about his sleep there was one day where she said he only slept 10 mins!!! Other times its only 15-20 mins here and there. Most times since collecting him he will then pass out into a deep sleep in the car home and I have to wake him, otherwise worried he wouldnt go to bed usual time.
She minds other kids, does some school runs and does go out and about a lot to baby groups etc, so I understand she cant rigidly stick to his nap schedule.
However yesterday she said that she never worried when her own kids didnt sleep much during the day as it meant they slept better at night?! When we interviewed her she said she would put babies for naps in the cot but it seems my son and another little boy near his age only sleep in the pram or carseat when she is out.

I dont know whether to give it another few weeks and see how my sons sleep goes, maybe he will adjust? He is still in the Leap 7 stage with 6 days left, so could maybe wait until that is over and see how it goes?
Trying not to let it stress me out but just wondered what other peoples thoughts/experiences were on how childminders have affected their babys sleep. thank you.

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