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CM Club - Need help in interviewing parents

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Saz73 Thu 28-Jun-07 13:52:25


Got a potential mindee coming to see me tomorrow evening.

How does everyone go about with their interviews? I get very nervous and there is the odd minute of silence which is bad I think. I am normally a very quiet person and get very nervous before a parent comes to see me and feel this does show.

What do you show them, I have my portfolio with my policies, forms and references which I show them. Do you show them around your house, ie upstairs?

The parent works for a airline, does anyone have any experience with parents like this, do you charge for the hours they are here, for a set number of days (as it's 3 wks on and 3 wks off), not sure what to do would welcome any suggestions.

Not had a interview in over a year!

Sorry for waffling on!

ayla99 Thu 28-Jun-07 16:28:37

My system for shift workers is that they pay 1/2 fee for reserved time/ full fees for time booked, with a minimum weekly fee in case they don't book any childcare for weeks. So I would charge 1/2 fees (or the minimum fee if this is higher) during the 3 weeks off but they can book childcare during the "off weeks" if they give enough notice and pay the other 1/2 fees to make it up to full fees.

I hold the interviews in the playroom but I don't bother showing anybody around the house any more unless they ask, and then i would only show downstairs as mindees don't play upstairs.

I show them my folders of certificates & references & I give them a list of phone numbers of parents to take away. I also give them a handbook and & copy of my Ofsted report to take home.

Good luck, i've got one tomorrow too.

ThePrisoner Thu 28-Jun-07 20:15:48

I offer to show parents around downstairs (don't need upstairs).

Although I have my portfolio ready to show parents, I try not to blind them with paperwork. They need to know that you are a nice person more than anything. I give them copies of my policies and other bits and pieces, so they can read stuff at their leisure at home.

How old is the child? Assuming the child is coming too, make sure you have some suitable toys around. If you get an awkward moment, talk to the child, or ask the parents questions (perhaps how they got your details, how long they've worked for the airline, etc.)

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