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Ok, I know it's saturday, but I've opened the staff room!

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saltire Sat 23-Jun-07 11:25:46

I've opened it because I'm bored, and fed up and feeling a bit low today!
So I hope someone's around to cheer me up.
I think part of the boredom (other than having just moved) is the fact that I'm not doing any minding at the moment!

agalch Sat 23-Jun-07 11:28:12

Hi Saltire

Where have you moved to? Wish i wasn't minding tbh Totally fedup with it atm.

Not really cheering you up am i? Sorry!!

saltire Sat 23-Jun-07 11:33:27

DH got posted so we are now in the South of England, in the Portsmouth area.
I have to start from scratch with my childminding, every single bit of training I did in Scotland counts for nothing!. My introduction to childminding course isn't until 10th July

agalch Sat 23-Jun-07 11:39:50

Oh FGS that is pants,how daft can you get.Do you have to become registered with OFSTED before you can take any business on too?

crace Sat 23-Jun-07 13:03:53

I am around too, just been and done our errands all done by mid day, well impressed with myself!

Hiya Saltire -wish I had something witty to cheer you up. Hopefully the rest of the bits go quickly for you - I am sure you can send off your app while you are doing the course. hange in there - its daft really that they won't help you out any. Can you take on any over 8's in the meantime?

ThePrisoner Sat 23-Jun-07 13:57:26

I've just got back doing a childminding-related course all morning. I really hate giving up my free time for my job, even though it was an interesting morning. Nobody actually appreciates the fact that I've done it anyway!

for saltire. What an absolutely ridiculous system. Have you met any friendly-looking locals yet?

MaureenMLove Sat 23-Jun-07 14:40:23

Well hello there ladies! Since its not an cm day, can we have a REAL drink instead of tea? It is almost Saturdaynight afterall! {Mo unlocks the secret filing cabinet and looks around for those naughty goblins}

My lovely relaxing morning turned into a bit of a nightmare. Me & dd had THE BIGGEST row ever. About absolutely nothing I think! Then took her to the hairdressers and we were in there nearly 2.5 hours!! That'll teach me for going to the one with the trainee coz he was cheap! DD is thrilled with her hair though and is now swishing around looking in anything that shows her reflection! Still haven't done any shopping, so I'm off to do that in a minute.

Saltire, can you offer to help at lo's school for now, just to keep you busy? You might be able to do some reading with them or something.

crace Sat 23-Jun-07 15:37:48

Bring it on Mo -got meself a bottle of red (just a glass!) for once the kiddies go to sleep tonight.

saltire Sat 23-Jun-07 15:45:44

Back again, DH needed to get something in Wilinsons so I wasn't going to pass on the opportunity to get out the house. I actually hate shopping and it's been p'ing down but it was nice to get out.
Agalch yes I have to register with Ofsted and everything. What's annoyed me is that a few years ago several forces wives who had been posted from England into Scotland and had to start from scratch lobbied the Care Commission (Scots equivalent to ofsted) and they have made a "fast track" system for women who do move between the two places, so why can't OFSTED do the same?

makemineadouble Sat 23-Jun-07 15:56:37

Hi ladies im a cm in midlands ofsted wont do anything to help any of us it calls for them to use common sence and they have to give this in at a desk when they accept the job !

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