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boo hoo my computer's still bust so I 've been missing you all

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ju Fri 22-Jun-07 19:58:14

but am able to pop into my mums and use hers every now and then (hers was up the swannee with mine until yesterday). I have hadhad a quick read of all that you have been posting, cor blimey what a busy few weeks for everyone.
And talking of busy, I have an emergency placement for the last fortnight, 1 pre school girl plus 1 Yr1 boy cos their mum is in hospital so I am full for the first time ever . They will continue for a while yet .Catch you all soon , take care love Ju x

looneytune Sat 23-Jun-07 08:31:04

How horrible being without a PC!!

Well done on being full!!

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