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Christmas presents

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happychange Sat 17-Nov-18 15:58:15

Any ideas for what I should buy my Childminder for Christmas? There's 3 of them x

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roses2 Sat 17-Nov-18 22:22:27

Marks and Spencers usually sell gifts half price every December and returns are easy if the childminder doesn't like the gift smile

GimbleInTheWabe Sat 17-Nov-18 22:25:31

Depends on your budget really.. a naice candle - Jo Malone/White Company winter scent?
Cashmere scarf.
Roccoco chocolates.
Bottle of champagne/cava/Prosecco
Gift voucher for John Lewis or another department store

jannier Mon 19-Nov-18 07:41:35

If they push buggies decent gloves or pram muffs. Hands take a beating with all the cold and hand washing so a nice handcream.

happychange Mon 19-Nov-18 13:26:39

Ah that's some lovely ideas, thanks!

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happychange Mon 19-Nov-18 13:27:07

How much for gift vouchers you think? £25?

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