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do you live in the west midlands and need a babysitter or inexperienced nanny type person?

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nappyaddict Fri 08-Jun-07 10:03:40

things are a bit tight at the minute so i am trying to get some extra work for a bit of spare cash. i live in kingswinford but can get to areas such as kidderminster, kinver, stourbridge, dudley, brierley hill, lye, halesowen, hagley, belbroughton etc.

i could do the odd bit of babysitting or something more regular if that's what you needed. i have no childcare qualifications but i do have common sense and a son of my own.

i am also doing a degree in social studies which involves a lot of stuff on children but maybe transferring to a social work degree - also child based. so as you can see i have a high interest in working with children and would love to get some experience to help me get on my new course in the next couple of years.

really hope that someone is interested although i know it's a long shot.

EllieK Fri 08-Jun-07 14:18:43

bumping for you NA

LynetteScavo Fri 08-Jun-07 14:25:22

We're probably a bit far from you.

We would be great experiance fot your social work course though! .

WigWamBam Fri 08-Jun-07 14:25:37

You probably wouldn't want to come as far as Sutton Coldfield, would you?

Nip Fri 08-Jun-07 14:35:13

Bumping for you - would love someone like yourself but your a little too far for me.

Blackduck Fri 08-Jun-07 14:42:17

Shame you aren't nearer - I will desparately be needing someone to take the small one to school and pick him up!

nappyaddict Fri 08-Jun-07 16:08:40

where are you lynette, nip and blackduck.

sutton coldfied a bit far but if nothing else comes up i may be interested.

nappyaddict Sat 09-Jun-07 14:48:31


soak Mon 11-Jun-07 12:02:16

Nip - if it helps I am in northfield. again though - no qualifications (but am going through process to be CM) can do evenings and weekends...

Nip Mon 11-Jun-07 14:09:31

I'm near Warwick... so its quite a way - sorry

sassy Mon 11-Jun-07 14:19:15

Can you drive nappy? I'd prob use you if you can get to Stourport.
Woulod only be once in a blue moon though - we rarely go out

nappyaddict Tue 12-Jun-07 00:17:30

don't drive but could get to stourport. my dads generous with lifts

nappyaddict Tue 12-Jun-07 00:18:45

and your dd was a delight when i met her. it was the youngest wasn't it?

nappyaddict Tue 12-Jun-07 00:29:56

lynette do i recall you are from coventry or have i completely dreamt that?

is dreamt a word?

nappyaddict Tue 12-Jun-07 00:30:13

hmmm no i think it should be dreamed

paulinka Sun 19-Aug-07 10:52:38

hi soak and nappyaddict
could you please get in touch, i libe in kings heath nd often need a babysitter, if you still looking for wirk, there'll be plenty

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