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attachment childminders?

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lauraroseFT Thu 16-Aug-18 16:26:22

Hello, I'm trying to sort out childcare for when my daughter turns one (November). Can anyone recommend any attachment childminders in East London or know of any groups I can join?

Any help appreciated!
Many thanks

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Slimtimeagain Sat 18-Aug-18 09:40:26

Your best bet is to have a search for childminders and see which ones fit your parenting style..
I am a nanny and I would say I'm very attatchementy style. I love and often baby wear, happy to cloth nappy. I try never to let the babes cry and take gentler approaches to discipline. I don't advertise this though. It's just who I am. So you might find a childminder in a similar way.

Maryann1975 Mon 20-Aug-18 09:21:07

I don’t know any childminders who advertise they are an attachment childminder (and I know lots of cms) but I do know a couple who do use slings and if parents send cloth nappies they are happy to use them. Different childminders do things differently, so I think you would need to phone around a few and visit some to get an idea if they fit in with what you want. A good place to start might be going to some parents and child/play groups/stay and play sessions. Childminders often go to these and you can watch them with the children and how they interact and then decide if they fit how you want your child to be cared for.

bizzyizzie Tue 21-Aug-18 16:44:40

Childminders arent taught about attachment, so most wouldnt do it and wouldnt have time how can they with 3 under 5s. Id say dont leave your baby, its does not makes sense if you like this attachment idea, then you leave your baby how does that work?

Enwi Wed 22-Aug-18 23:06:25

I agree with slimtime. I’m a childminder and follow attachment parenting with my own daughter, but I dont advertise myself as an attachment childminder. If you came to see me though you’d quickly realise I follow all the main principles of attachment parenting with my mindees, and would be happy to let you know what requests of yours would be possible x

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