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Oliviaxox21 Mon 30-Jul-18 00:16:46

Sorry wasn’t sure where to post exactly. I’m new to MN. Here goes...

My DD has been babysitting for a family for close to three years but in September she will be off to uni. She is wondering whether to buy the kids & mum a leaving present?

What do you think? Is it OTT or a nice gesture? I should add the family have been very generous with her.

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peppersprayfirstapologiselater Thu 02-Aug-18 22:12:12

I wouldn't bother. They should get her something as a thank you😂

Slimtimeagain Sun 12-Aug-18 10:20:44

What a lovely DD you Have! I would think something small would be lovely..

BackforGood Sun 12-Aug-18 22:55:47

What a lovely thought. Maybe something for the dc?
I don't think for the Mum.

PaulMorel Mon 13-Aug-18 06:31:33

Very lovely thought! It is a nice gesture of your dd but the family should also give a little present in exchange.

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