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Tips on finding first families? Cheshire area

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Pigeonpresent Wed 30-May-18 10:20:13

So I’ve got my Ofsted registration, my house is all childproofed and stocked with lovely toys, I’m on experienced childminders any other tips how to find my first little ones?

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Maryann1975 Wed 30-May-18 19:02:19

The first one is the hardest. Do you have your own small children? If so, get round all the mums and toddler groups in the town and talk to parents about the plans for your business. Do you know any other minders, if not get to know other childminders in your area. If they get enquiries they can not take on, get them to pass them on to you. It really is about networking. The other thing to do is advertise on Facebook, selling sites if they will let you, parents pages for your area.

Pigeonpresent Wed 30-May-18 22:32:13

Thanks Maryann! Might be a stupid question but getting to know other minders, would you literally just get in touch on Facebook? It feels odd to me like I’m moving in on their territory!

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CheshireSplat Wed 30-May-18 22:35:17

Hi pigeon. Where in Cheshire are you? Whenever there are childminder queries on the local Facebook parent site (Chester) the chair of the Chester childminders always pops up, so getting to know someone like her would be helpful.

Pigeonpresent Wed 30-May-18 22:41:09

I’m in Lymm which is near Warrington, but thanks I’ll have a look at that and see if there’s a similar organisation near me.

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Maryann1975 Wed 06-Jun-18 19:34:08

I don’t see other childminders as competition. I’m good at what I do and families in my town know me so I have no problem getting recommendations and therefore new families. I see other childminders as another way to promote childminding in general. In our town there are 6 childminders. If we all have 6 families, that’s only 36 families/72 parents telling other people how brilliant their childminder is. There are 8 nurseries, plus 3 school nurseries. If each nursery has 30 children (minimum), that is a lot of potential word of mouth recommendations for nurseries. My six families can not compete against that! The more professional and good quality childminders there are, the more we become a good choice. Do you see what I mean? I am always happy to speak to new minders and point them in the right direction. We were all new once!

PrincessScarlett Fri 08-Jun-18 10:09:09

When starting out it is very much word of mouth so get to know other childminders. My break came when I was able to help another childminder out and then you can be a back up for other childminders if they get enquiries and are unable to help.

Most of my enquiries come from social media so make sure you are on a local Facebook page (or similar) and can jump on any enquiries that crop up.

Contact the local schools as they often hold childminder details for parents.

Make sure you are listed on your local authority website.

Good luck! Once you get the first one or two mindee it becomes a lot easier.

Pigeonpresent Fri 08-Jun-18 11:32:22

Mary Ann I like your maths work, I never thought of it that way! Thanks Princess

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sallychildminder01 Wed 27-Jun-18 12:11:45

Hi there, I am starting up my business and I only have 1 parent signed up, I'm getting a little stressed out. Its so difficult to get parents !!

Do you ask other childminders if they have an overflow?

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