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Leaving childminder

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Mamabear87 Tue 27-Mar-18 19:47:28

I need some advise. I withdrew my little.boy from my childminder. I had some concerns as my little one became very unhappy. I was also unhappy with the fact in the space of 2 weeks he was left with different people on 5 occasions as she had appointments but didn't tell me until on the day.
I contacted her to get his folder, she told me it wasn't ready. This was 4 weeks ago. How long should it be? Surely it should have been ready for his last day from then notice?

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Bonkerz Tue 27-Mar-18 20:14:48

We're the people he was left with registered as assistants? If not I would suggest a safeguarding issue and plead you to contact OFSTED

Learning journeys should be up to date at all time. To be honest I would have expected them to be done and a small transition report also for last day of notice period.

Mamabear87 Tue 27-Mar-18 20:33:30

No the people were not registered... it would be her parents or family members. There was once she left him with another childminder.
I am shocked it's not ready as we did give the 4 week notice to be kind.
I'm going to contact again but just unsure what to do if still not ready

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malovitt Tue 27-Mar-18 20:39:28

What do you mean by 'his folder'?

childmindingmumof3 Tue 27-Mar-18 20:41:09

I don't do learning journeys at all.

PrincessScarlett Tue 27-Mar-18 20:46:58

If your CM left your child with family or friends who are not a registered CM or assistant you must report this to Ofsted as it is a major safeguarding issue.

As regards the 'folder' not all CM will keep learning journals and if you are referring to the contract and associated paperwork CMs are required to keep records even after a child has left.

Mamabear87 Tue 27-Mar-18 21:04:42

She had a folder of his journey as over time gas shown me . She said we could have it for where he goes next. But this was 4 weeks ago. I don't know how long it would normally take to finish it to his last day.
The people she left him with were not all registered. One was assistant but the other times were her family.

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BetterEatCheese Tue 27-Mar-18 21:14:54

As an ex childminder, you need to raise these issues with the council as the children she looks after could be at risk. Leaving them with unregistered people is a huge no no.

The lack of folder makes me think she hasn't kept it up to date and is struggling to make it. If you know it once existed, just ask for what she has, regardless of whether it's up to date. There is no obligation to do one so that's probably the best you can get.

Mamabear87 Tue 27-Mar-18 21:25:19

I have contacted her over the folder. She has just replied saying ahe is hoping it will be ready by Thursday as she has been busy...
How and who would I report her leaving him with other people too? .
I know and feel that it affected my lb. He is now back to his settled happy self and back to sleeping through the night again... so I know I did the right thing removing him.
Thank you for advise btw x

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PrincessScarlett Tue 27-Mar-18 21:29:26

Phone Ofsted on 0300 123 1231.

Mamabear87 Tue 27-Mar-18 21:31:16

Thank you. X

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Fundays12 Wed 28-Mar-18 20:45:35

I work in safeguarding of children and this is a big safeguarding issue. You need to report her ASAP. If these people are not vetted and PVG checked they area big risk to your child.

vandrew4 Wed 11-Apr-18 14:38:03

I never do learning journeys.
She shouldn't have left him with anyone who's not her reg. assistant

Mamabear87 Wed 11-Apr-18 15:16:32

Thank you all for your advice.
I finally got given what she had done for my son.
I have also followed people's advice and reported her. While I have felt very guilty as my CM was a friend, I agree that it was a big issue.
My lb is so much happier now I know I have done the right thing .
Thank you all again

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BetterEatCheese Wed 11-Apr-18 15:29:08

Well done, not an easy thing to do but absolutely the right decision.

GraceLeeper Thu 12-Apr-18 09:04:47

Be very careful in childminders next time.

ryanolivas Tue 17-Apr-18 03:54:28

I once had a childminder a year ago but wasn't satisfied of her service but the current one is working great. It all matters in choosing the right childminder for our kids.

donnaeastman Tue 17-Apr-18 04:08:25

Previous years I had childminders and they really give the service that I want. It's a matter of choosing and finding good CM.

natnatroswell22 Fri 20-Apr-18 03:35:43

You did the right thing Mamabear87 and good to hear your lb is now doing good smile

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