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How early did you start maternity?

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tlnejntr Mon 19-Mar-18 08:55:05

Hi, I'm pregnant and due in July. I've told all the parents of children I look after that I will be working until the end of June.
Just wondering how early other childminders left for maternity? I have full numbers in the EYFS age group all week. So don't know if I'll end up too tired. I'm hoping I will be ok to do until the end of June as said as I'm usually very active. Just want to get a picture of how everyone else found working as a childminder while pregnant...

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Maryann1975 Mon 19-Mar-18 17:45:53

I was really tired and struggled a lot nearer the end and I only worked part time, with 3 dc 2 days and 2 on the third day. They were all around 2 years old. I finished work when I was about 36-37 weeks I think but would have stopped a couple of weeks earlier if dh hadn’t been around so much (he worked shifts and was able to help me a lot).
How long are you planning to have off on maternity? And what are the children doing while you are off?

C0untDucku1a Mon 19-Mar-18 17:48:00

32 weeks on sick with spd. Couldnt even get in and out of the bath. Had physio. Was awful. Walking made me cry.

36 weeks. Spd lasted after the birth, although was less severe than with dc1, but i needed to continue physio after too!

outofmymind26 Mon 19-Mar-18 17:55:37

Kept going until baby came & then went back after 5 weeks after an emc section. Realistically I wish I didn't need the money so bad & could have taken longer off. Maybe a week before baby came would have been nice. What are you doing with current minded children? If you can afford it I would deffo have a bit of me time before baby comes. In our job we're always worrying about other children, parents etc. Would be nice to have some time where no one is expecting anything of you. Bliss smile

I really wanted to keep the minded children I had hence the 5 weeks off in total. They mentioned a few times about looking at other options & it was a worry. This is when being self employed is a little more frustrating

tlnejntr Tue 20-Mar-18 08:47:39

I don't know how long I'm planning to have off on maternity yet as that pretty much depends on if I can last on maternity pay. I know it's not much and it's a very small percentage of my wage which I'm dreading. But really don't want to rush back into work too soon as I want to have some good bonding time with my baby and my eldest as I'll be able to have the 6 week hols off with them both. I know I'm going to loose the majority of the children I have now which doesn't worry me as such. But 3 have said that they definitely want to come back to me as they don't want their children with anyone else (I have been minding for the two families for years) I have a feeling I'll be shattered towards the end and don't know if it's worth leaving earlier than anticipated. Plus I want to get my home ready and back to just a home rather than play centre! X

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