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Norland Nannies

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bertieboo Wed 02-May-07 10:01:23

Has anyone on here ever employed a live in Norland Nanny?

Any advice they can give me about them?


Eleusis Thu 03-May-07 10:46:27

No experience with a "Norland" nanny. Never understood what makes them more expensive.

thelittleElf Thu 03-May-07 10:51:07

Why a Norland? IMHO they are no more qualified/experienced than an NNEB. I think some people (not suggesting you) often employ them as a kind of status symbol

themildmanneredjanitor Thu 03-May-07 10:52:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KezzaG Thu 03-May-07 10:53:12

Never used one myself, but dont they have a some kind of regime where they get your baby sleeping through by 8 weeks? I dont see how they can do that without using some methods I probably wouldnt agree with.

PrincessPeaHead Thu 03-May-07 10:54:22

get yourself a nice aussie with good experience instead

thelittleElf Thu 03-May-07 10:57:03

You'd be paying through the roof for something which any good qualified and experienced nanny can provide!

Sorry i have never understood what all the fuss is about tbh?

Eleusis Thu 03-May-07 11:00:48

Oh, it's so boring when we all agree.

thelittleElf Thu 03-May-07 11:02:36

Oh, it's so boring when we all agree.

Oh in that case, i reckon a norland is the way to go...i hear their uniform is devine

KezzaG Thu 03-May-07 11:04:36

I just looked on their website, the uniform is very Mary Poppins. But apparently Mick Jagger swears by them so that is ok

thelittleElf Thu 03-May-07 11:07:18

Not sure the uniform would suit, and tbh my charges would be sooooo embaressed by it i reckon they would refuse to go anywhere with me . Heck, i get 'told off' for singing "brown girl in the ring" at the school gates ! Could you imagine me turning up in a uniform PMSL!!!

nannynick Thu 03-May-07 18:10:06

I have a uniform... but nothing like the norland one. Would be interested to hear from a Norland trained nanny... do they really know more than I do?

Eleusis Thu 03-May-07 20:12:12

Oh Nick, do tell. What is your uniform like??

ThePrisoner Thu 03-May-07 20:18:11

I once knew a Norland nanny, but she refused to wear the uniform - she said she would have looked very silly at soft play. She came across as a very normal person!!

LadyG Thu 03-May-07 20:23:38

My nanny who we share with another family is Norland trained and she and all her Norland friends are lovely. From what I can gether the training is very thorough-they are good on the practical aspects of caring for small children but to be honest I think she is just a lovely person who has a real affinity for little ones and would have been great trained or untrained. We didn't get her through the agency btw but through an ad in Simply Childcare. Oh and she is live out-they have to do live in as probationers but a lot of them prefer to live out after that and I totally understand why.

LadyG Thu 03-May-07 20:24:28

Oh and of course she doesn't wear a uniform-jeans like any normal person!

NurseyJo Thu 03-May-07 20:30:09

Message withdrawn

mozhe Fri 04-May-07 23:54:39

Our nanny is also a registered sick children's nurse which personally I always found much more reassuring.

butterflywings Sat 05-May-07 00:48:34

Our new manager, when I was working at a day nursery, was once a Norland Nanny.

Colleague: She used to be a Norland Nanny, y'know..

Me: Really? What's one of them then?

Colleague: I've no idea!

No-one I worked with new what it meant to be a Norland Nanny at the time but she (the new manger) practised in exactly the same way as the rest of us

ScottishThistle Sat 05-May-07 06:39:11

Norlanders training is much more focused on Nannying whereas NNEB qualified Nannies training is less Nanny focused & more nursery focused...To be honest the NNEB course didn't teach me anything I didn't already know!

I also wore a uniform once upon a time, white italian nurses uniform!...It lasted about 3months before I eventually convinced my Employer it was terribly impractical for playing about on the floor!

NKF Sat 05-May-07 08:02:42

I thought they were taught things like how to do smocking on little girls' dresses. Which could of course be useful somewhere in the world.

MissGT Sun 06-May-07 20:54:16

Several of my friends are Norlanders and theyre fab! They only wear the uniform at the college and at job interviews, and yes it is hideous (they all agree!). They are by far the most professional, lovely, well trained nannies i've ever seen and regardless of the fact that they've become a bit of a status thing I would have NO hesitation in wanting a Norlander first and foremost to look after any children I have!

ruddynorah Sun 06-May-07 21:00:45

did any of you watch the series 'nanny school' that followed the nannies for a year. quite interesting. rather jolly hockey sticks etc.

bertieboo Tue 08-May-07 11:34:41

Thanks for your responses... the only reason i am thinking about getting a norland nanny is because of the training they go through (not that i am suggesting they are any better trained, but i know less about NNEB training ) and because i will be leaving her in sole charge of a 3 month old all day.

I also wouldnt want her to wear a uniform... much rather she was in jeans so she could get dirty without worrying about her clothes!

Sooooo if i dont employ a norlander, what is the best way to employ a nanny? It seems using an agency is a very hit and miss way of employing a nanny (have read some horror stories on here). Anyone with any good suggestions? I am already looking at simply childcare - so thanks for that!

fridayschild Tue 08-May-07 12:37:29

Some people like agencies and some don't. I've always found persevering with them less painful than trawling small ads, myself. Where are you? We might be able to recommend a local agency who is good at the moment.

However you find your nanny, I think you should speak to the nanny's previous employers as early as you can in the recruitment process - say everyone but the current employer after first interview? And if those references are ok, go ahead with second interview/ trial afternoon.

I also discovered that some nannies love very small babies and and others prefer toddlers (some like them all, of course!)so you might want to check the ages of your nanny's previous charges.

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