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Can some childminders advise if this is ok?

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HalloweenDuck Thu 08-Feb-18 23:44:26

I moved house and my children's schools 2 years ago. We now live very close to the sought after primary in our town.
About a year ago we noticed a young girl walking past with a lot of children, always looking stressed and snapping etc.
Eventually found out ( in a random conversation about childcare options I was looking into) that she is registered as a childminder assistant to a local childminder. (But I never see this childminder.)

Have seen her regularly over the last year. This term my husband is doing school runs and I have seen her pass my house everyday. I am always on drive loading car at this time. This last week she has had 16 children!!! 3 aged 1-2 in a triple pushchair. 2 aged 3/4 on stretchy wrist holders. 4-5 in infant uniform and the rest in years 3-5 uniform. She yells and snaps at them, and this week she swore at one of them and called him a " little paki!"

She also has no control over the older kids ( most of which are boys) and they walk over people's gardens and pull leaves/ flowers.

One of the boys chased my cat and was trying to stamp on him.
I yelled over " oi. Don't do that to my cat"
Boy muttered something and walked off. She didn't acknowledge me, the boy or the cat!

Next day one of the other children pointed my cat out ( he is soppy and sits out on the school run. Kids know him by name and stroke him) This young girl said " leave him or the fat lady will come after you again!"
Now yes I am fat. But really didn't think this was suitable for her to say to 6/7 year old!

She constantly shouts, frog marches so little legs are dragging/ struggling to keep up. Looking at her phone or on her phone every corner? Doesn't supervise big kids on crossing road. No blankets, hats, or even shoes on little ones in pushchair ( weather been light snow/ drizzles and very cold)

She is so moody and I just don't get a good feeling about her. I don't know if what I'm seeing is just a bad shot of a very stressful walk. Or if I would be doing the right thing highlighting issues to someone? If so who? Or should I just stay out of her business?

Advice please.

jannier Fri 09-Feb-18 07:38:25

Assistant's if they have first aid can be on their own with children for up to 2 you don't have to see the childminder.
Ratios 1 baby under 12 months included in the 3 under 5 allowance----but once a child starts full time school even if they are 4 they count as over 5. 3 further children can be in the under 8 category (so 6 under 8 in total) and over 8s as long as they don't impact on care of under 8s and within individual insurance limits (which can be up to 12 children in total) to know if she's over ratio you need to know the age of the children.
The care doesn't sound good or safe if you feel that children are at risk you can report to Ofsted but it is a serious thing to do so I wouldn't do it for the language and attitude of the children (I've had some children come to me with appalling manners and attitudes and its really hard to get an older child to stop this) and Ofsted wouldn't be interested in this in it self they would look at how good manners and British values are promoted but not as a complaint needing a visit, so if you complain to Ofsted the main area would be safety of the children.
I would want to know if my assistant was behaving like this as obviously it reflects on my business and standards is it possible you could contact the local councils FIS team and ask if they have a childcare development worker who supports childminders and who could do a visit?

HSMMaCM Fri 09-Feb-18 09:34:26

From what you've said, she sounds over her numbers. I would investigate further and then report if necessary.

As Jannier said:

And probably no more than 12 total, depending on insurance. (And care for over 8s can't affect care for the younger children).

If she seems within her numbers, then track down the childminder and let her know how her assistant is behaving.

hookiewookie29 Sat 10-Feb-18 22:28:29

PLEASE report to Ofsted. Apart from the fact that she sounds awful, she is way over numbers.
A Registered Childminder can have 3 children under the age of 5 and 3 between the ages of 5-8.The most they can have is 6 under 8. Children over 8 don't count in her numbers but there is a maximum number of 12.

Eastie77 Sat 10-Feb-18 23:20:27

Well never mind the numbers - I think the fact she shouted racist abuse at one of the children in her care is a bigger issue! Personally I would report her on the strength of that alone.

Where is the actual Childminder when her assistant is out dragging 16 kids around? The whole situation sounds bizarre and troubling.

HalloweenDuck Sun 11-Feb-18 19:44:38

Thank you for your comments. I have decided to let the actual childminder know what I have witnessed and will speak to ofsted without naming names about what they advice. Thank you

Noonelikesfruitcake Sun 11-Feb-18 19:49:28

The racist abuse towards a child, and the fact that she is way over numbers is frightening. None of those children are safe. Call Ofsted and name bloody names. Or the council safeguarding children's board or whatever it's called. Google it. safeguarding is everyone's business (sorry to sound like a safeguarding leaflet, but seriously.)

Minnie13 Wed 07-Mar-18 14:44:56

I absolutely agree with the previous post! Being over numbers is a very serious safety issue, but even more worrying than that is the racist abuse. Totally unacceptable. Childminders have a duty to employ suitable people as their assistants and this girl does not fall into that category! Report to Ofsted (and name names!) as it appears the terms of registration are being broken. The parents of these children probably have no idea how they're being treated.

messyhair1 Mon 19-Mar-18 12:22:50

I am horrified! Do you mind telling us what town you are in and sharing with us ofsted's response?

GraceLeeper Fri 20-Apr-18 09:47:25

You should keep an eye on this issue and as possible report this to the authority.

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