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Is This a Child Minding/ Nanny Rip Off?

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Carlabo Thu 08-Feb-18 15:06:44

Hello Everyone,
My Daughter (27) attended a interview for the role of part time Nanny/ Childminder this week, however I was quite shocked by what she told me the Couple were offering by way of payment.

As I understand the child is around 5 years of age.

The role is Live in, Part time in South London. 39hrs week. Wages £100 per week including board and 2 meals but no lunch.

The couple state they want my Daughter (who is a graduate) to take care of their child, from roughly:
7-10am preparing for and taking to school. Cooking all meals.
3-7pm or thereabouts, collecting child from school, cooking evening meal, preparing child for bed etc.

Apologies for not be too precise on times etc as this is from memory from a phone conversation with my daughter but the hours are stated to be 39hrs week.

The last young lady to do this job, apparently left due to financial issues as she could not afford to live despite having a second job.

The couple stated openly to my daughter that she would need a second job to supplement her income.

So in simple terms, in my view, they are paying far less than the minimum wage but expect board and meals to be taken from the wages in lieu of part payment.

My initial reaction was shock and I told my daughter that I suspected such terms may be illegal and below the legal minimum wage.
I am also unsure if pension rules and NI apply for part time work.

Being a young lady struggling to live in London, unbelievably she is seriously considering it, despite me pointing out that once she had taken the cost of her Oyster card and lunch costs out of her £100 per week, she would be left with virtually nothing.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


Poshindevon Thu 08-Feb-18 15:45:30

This is slave labour and is way below the normal salary and arrangements for a live in nannie.

Carlabo Thu 08-Feb-18 19:29:28

Thank you for the link Poshindevon,

I'll have a good look through that site.

Isadora2007 Thu 08-Feb-18 19:32:05

Do they (mistakenly?) think as they’re providing accommodation and it’s london where rent is so high that this is an acceptable wage?
It’s definitely worth looking at that link and perhaps sharing the info with them.

SvartePetter Thu 08-Feb-18 19:33:13

I pay my au pair more for less hours and full board. They are taking the piss.

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 08-Feb-18 21:36:33

SOUNDS like an au pair job tho these are usually 25/30hrs a week for same money

DearTeddyRobinson Thu 08-Feb-18 21:46:10

That's ridiculous. Part time or no, she should be getting round £10 per hour net.
If they want an au pair I think it's around £150 per week plus full board but I could be wrong.
They are chancing their arm, the mind boggles.

mustbemad17 Thu 08-Feb-18 21:49:59

I earned that for similar hours outside of London. I also had free access to the kitchen for lunch!!!

Lunde Fri 09-Feb-18 09:55:02

It is a rip off

It is aupair pay (£2.56 per hour) for nanny hours.

She would be working for waaay below minimum wage. Employers are allowed to offset accomodation costs when calculating minimum wage but the amount allowed to reduce is very small - is only £6.40 per day/_£44 per week (rising to £7/£49 on April 1).

This is a scam and I would report

underneaththeash Fri 09-Feb-18 17:13:15

No lunch either! Its unlikely to be a scam, but it is illegal.

Why would your daughter consider the job?

MyDcAreMarvel Fri 09-Feb-18 17:49:19

It is an au pair job , but too many hours .

Kapscott20003 Fri 09-Feb-18 17:53:43

This is what an au pair (with little English) gets!!! We pay that to our au pair for our 11 year old son who is at school for most of the day. Also the limit on meals is just ridiculous!!!!

TheReins Fri 09-Feb-18 18:25:33

That's way below min wage and 39 hours is not part time, it's full time (I work 37.5 hours a week full time).
Minimum wage, for her age from April this year, is £7.83 per hour. For 39 hours a week that's £305.37 per week before deductions. If you take 20% for NI and Tax (assuming they are paying that), it leaves £244.30.
They can offset some of the cost of her living in and food against the wage for national minimum wage purposes.The maximum they are allowed to offset is £6.40 for a day, max of £44.80 per week. This then gives her a minimum of £199.50
If she lives as part of the family then the minimum wage dosn't apply. But the following cirteria needs to fulfilled
- She lives in the family home as if they were part of the family
- She shares in the family tasks and leisure activities on the same basis as other family members – including meals out, visits to the cinema, family holidays and spending time with the wider family
- She is provided with living accommodation and meals free of

TheReins Fri 09-Feb-18 18:28:15

This may help:

museumum Fri 09-Feb-18 18:28:16

39 hours / week is not part time. Many nannies work longer hours but officially in general that’s a full time job.

Indybindy Sun 11-Feb-18 08:55:13

Please tell your daughter to look else where . Lots of Nanny / mother s help agencies in London , better to join one . She may need a police check, which they will do for her . She will have much more choice !

marfmarf Fri 16-Feb-18 21:51:21

A friend of mine gets £450 a week,live in with sat & sun off

Indybindy Fri 16-Feb-18 22:47:23

I left nannying 10 years ago now . At that time I got £350 clear after tax and NI. I also got weekends off, a car and a basement flat
With food etc! Good jobs and conditions in London , but with no experience or qualifications , one as to start at the bottom and work up ! But still much better jobs around than the one mentioned in this post!

greendale17 Fri 16-Feb-18 22:51:31

*This is a scam and I would report*


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