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Can anyone recommend childminders in Hastings?

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Devolo Tue 30-Jan-18 19:29:14

Hi again Birko,

I'm sorry it's taken me this long to reply. Hopefully your meeting with the potential childminder went well but in case it didn't then the place we use is called 'Muddy Boots' in Ninfield. It's home-based, with a real emphasis on kindness as well as outside play. They run a forest school as part of the activities. It feels like a family - our daughter absolutely loves it.
I haven't tried any of the baby groups you mentioned though I have been swimming at Summerfields. Thanks for mentioning them - I'll look them up now. And ditto on the cuppa, just let me know if you fancy it.

Good luck with the childcare search,

Devolo smile

Birko Tue 23-Jan-18 12:41:03

Hi Devolo

Thank you so much for your answer, and congratulations on your pregnancy! It really is lovely to hear from you.
Many thanks for your advice re Ninfield - I would be grateful if you could share more info. I have potentially found someone more local, and I'm looking forward to meeting with her this week...fingers crossed!
I hope our paths cross at a baby group or something! I've heard good things about Clyde Road, Summerfield Pool and Starlings Music Group at the Bridge. If ever you need a cuppa, or moral support, do let me know!

All the very best : )

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Devolo Mon 22-Jan-18 21:48:24

Hi there Birko,

Welcome to Hastings! We too moved here in the summer and I was keen to find a good childminder for our daughter (now 22 mnths). If you have access to a car there is a terrific place in Ninfield (about 6 miles or so from you) - let me know if you are interested to know more and I'll send you a message. It's really lovely, very friendly with a good emphasis on playing outside. Our daughter loves it!

Congratulations on your second pregnancy. I'm pregnant again too and am hoping that a new baby in the summer will be a good way of meeting Mums in Hastings.

This is the first time I've posted on Mumsnet so not sure of the protocol, but let me know if you want more info re childcare.

Birko Tue 16-Jan-18 20:44:41

Hello Hastings Mums!

I have recently moved to Hastings, and am just about to start mat leave for the 2nd 1st LO is nearly 2, and I am desperate to find a local, well-recommended childminder in Hastings.

I would be so grateful for any recommendations - as I'm so new to the town, I don't really know any other Mums so your advice would be absolutely invaluable. Huge thanks for any responses xx

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