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Babysitter Costs

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Holly102 Wed 27-Dec-17 21:51:10

How much do you pay your babysitter

My DH is suggesting £6/hr but I don’t want to seem tight.

Yet as he says she won’t be doing much. My DC (2 girls:6 and 9) will most likely be in bed or she will just read them a story and then they will go to sleep without trouble.

What do you think is reasonable. The babysitter is 18 and drives so we won’t need to do lifts or pay for a taxi.

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HSMMaCM Thu 28-Dec-17 07:32:34

My DD charges £8 / he (Berkshire)

StayCalmMary Thu 28-Dec-17 21:46:10

I get paid 17 hr in Dublin!!!!

Holly102 Thu 28-Dec-17 22:07:55

Ok so do you think about £10/hr is fair. I’m not asking her to do anything else other than chill out.

I should probably mention that I will pay for her to get a takeaway since she’s coming at about 6 so can’t have dinner at home.

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Holly102 Thu 28-Dec-17 22:22:53

Also I’m not going out until about 7:30 but seeing as it’s her first time I thought I should be around for a while.
Therefore I will get them both into bed before I go and then she might need to read a story.

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Forresitters1 Fri 29-Dec-17 18:05:06

It depends on your area and the babysitter's experience. You say it's her first time - is that babysitting for you or in general? I would give a rough guide of £8-£10ph.
A babysitter is there in your absence for the care and safety of your children. I've had many instances where children have projectile vomited during their sleep or become very unwell and have had to perform first aid etc. You never know what could possibly happen and it is better to know your children are left with someone who knows what they are doing and can be calm and protect your children in the event of an emergency.

I've been babysitting for 17 years and I am a qualified nanny and registered Childminder. I'm based in London and paid £12ph for babysitting. At 18yrs, I was paid £5/6ph for babysits.

user9217 Fri 29-Dec-17 18:42:07

Could you go down the middle and do £8 ph? Seems fair if you're getting her dinner, and this is coming from an experienced and qualified babysitter 👍

Holly102 Fri 29-Dec-17 19:35:40

I completely understand, she has been a family friend for a while but never babysat for us and as far as I know anyone else.

She is first aid trained but I wouldn’t ever be too far that I couldn’t get back within 15mins whilst the girls are young.

Thanks for the advice.

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TheTasteOfInk Fri 29-Dec-17 19:44:12

An hourly rates a good idea but i also think it depends on how long you'll be out. If you were paying £6 for 4 hours id round up to 30 etc. I wouldnt be hanging about for an hour plus with her though.

Seems to be about 10p/h here.

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