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Considering an au pair advice please

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Purplemunchkin76 Sun 24-Dec-17 00:34:01

Hi I am a single mum that works 5 days a week in London, I live in cobham Surrey and cost of loving is high so I'm looking how to reduce costs. I'm paying around £1500 for childminder currently but she has him from 7.30 to 5.45 so long hours. I'm wondering how this would compare with other options. He is only 2 .5 years old and I am not have the one. I was thinking I would prefer an English speaker though , maybe Australian or amercican Or someone already recommended and working in the UK perhaps looking for a new position.

Advice appreciated.


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Aridane Sun 24-Dec-17 00:45:00

I don’t think au pairs are able to do much sole childcare

Aridane Sun 24-Dec-17 00:46:31

PS There is an au pair section here that might be a,more natural home for your thread

RestingGrinchFace Sun 24-Dec-17 00:47:03

Au pairs aren't really suitable for such young children. You may want to consider a nanny share arrangement or a live in nanny.

roses2 Sun 24-Dec-17 12:17:19

Au pairs are good for wrap around care but not as an alternative to a nanny, nursery or child minder.

I've had three au pairs who provide me wrap around care and they are worth their weight in gold. But they use the tv a lot instead and only do so much playing with the kids...

Could you look to reduce the hours to school hours e.g. 9am-3pm and have an au pair to provide the remaining hours? This would save you around £200/month.

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