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Pre registration visit

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Marcine Sat 02-Dec-17 13:22:56

I have my pre reg visit first thing Monday morning! I wasn't expecting it to happen so quickly so not sure I am totally prepared shock

Anyone been through it recently? Can anyone advise on what I need in place?

My LA advisor suggested I need a 'cat policy' due to having a cat - not sure what that might entail?

Snap8TheCat Sun 03-Dec-17 12:02:39

Policy for cats might include-
Ensuring the cat is kept up to date with injections, worming and defleaing.
Litter tray- where will it be kept?
Food and water- where will it be kept?
Safety with kids touching and playing with cat
Checking garden for poo before letting children out to play.

Does that help?

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