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Home time

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Snap8TheCat Fri 01-Dec-17 07:39:20

Childminders - what does home time look like in your setting?

Parents - what do you like /dislike about home time at your childminder’s?

I work with an assistant and some days we have 8 children going home. We have a tiny 1x1m Hall so realistically only one parent /child can be there at a time getting ready. Off the hall is our playroom and then from the playroom in the rest of the house. I’d rather not have parents come past the stair gate as especially at this time of year they have wet/dirty shoes and I have crawling/ toddling children in there. The children also start running in to the rest of the house (which they are allowed but parents want to get home.)

Parents like pick up time, and even more so when I have started to get them ready, but if more than one parent arrives at once, it’s crazy!

HSMMaCM Fri 01-Dec-17 12:48:23

I put a small porch on the front of my house. Parents step into the porch and gather up their child's stuff while I'm bringing the child. Quick handover and off they go. It can get a bit cramped if there's more than one parent. If they need to come in, they leave their shoes in the porch.

Before that it was the same as you, with parents in the hallway. I just used the play room gate, so other children didn't wander around while a child was being collected.

Bamaluz Fri 01-Dec-17 14:14:58

I get the children ready before hometime, coats are put on when we hear the knock at the door. Parents stay outside unless we need a chat.

I used to have parents that came in and talked for ages while the child played up wanting attention, so I made changes when new children started.

Snap8TheCat Fri 01-Dec-17 20:46:15

Thank you , unfortunately it’s not possible to put a porch on, that would be my ideal solution

thisgirlrides Fri 01-Dec-17 21:28:22

I have a big hallway which does unfortunately mean parents will often come in but I always try and make sure bags are ready and where practical shoes & coats are on or at least going on if I see or hear them pull up. I really don't like parents traipsing through my house plus the children always seem to start playing up at home time so I've gradually mastered short & sweet handovers.

Maryann1975 Sat 02-Dec-17 12:28:00

I much prefer short and sweet handovers! Unfortunately at the moment, one parent is on maternity leave and I think sees coming to pick the older child up as a bit of adult company in her day, meaning that she wants to stand and chat. The child (who is the last one to go home) then starts playing up and I have tidying up to do and quite often somewhere to take my own children too (swimming/cubs etc).
My best parent at picking up always tries to stay outside, but now it’s freezing I try to get him to come in while I get the child, but he can’t wait to get out and get home for his tea which is great for me. I do sometimes wish they were all like him!
What I would like to happen for everyone is that I know which parent is here before I open the door and take the child to the door as I open it. Child then puts shoes on as I tell parents anything they need to know, say goodbye and off they go. This happens about 50% of the time I reckon, but has a better success rate when children know my expectations and I have told them that I do not wanting messing around when parents are here.

HSMMaCM Sat 02-Dec-17 12:46:15

I know which parent is coming, because I have a camera out the front. It gives me a couple of extra seconds to grab the child's stuff and get to the front door.

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