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Childminder Ratios

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EllieGSD Mon 27-Nov-17 22:31:13

I cant seem to find any defiant answer, i have moved into a new house and have lots of room. In my last property i had only two children but since moving here word of mouth has got round and i have had lots of enquiries. I am now turning away children
I obviously changed address with Ofsted and told then i was planning on having more children and they basically said it would be down to floor space at my next inspection.
I now have eight children only one full time and the rest are a mixture from two days a month to three days a week.
I have registered an assistant and i am in the process of registering another assistant.
I don't do school runs and never leave the children, the only reason i would would be an absolute emergency such as an injury/ accident etc.
Assuming the space required is more than covered My children's play room alone is over forty sq/m what is my limit.
Expenses are quiet high with toys activities and paying My assistants food and snacks. Ive done the maths and i appear to have two choices. I stick with the currents ofsted ratios for just myself or i have up to nine or more children with the two assitance.
What is the limit, i would love to here from any busy Childminder's who have been in a similar situation. All my enquiries are for children under five over one.
We had a lovely day today we baked cookies and did finger painting and every child went home with these. But from a business point of view i need to know where i stand with numbers.
I have just turned away the most delightful little girl who would have been full time because I'm worried about this and her mother was quiet upset.

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thegirlupnorth Mon 27-Nov-17 22:51:15

Just ring ofsted for advice. You can have up to nine at any one time if you've two assistants I think, but there can be only so many under 1 etc.

HSMMaCM Tue 28-Nov-17 08:30:35

Up to 9 with 2 assistants and enough floor space. If you go over 2 assistants, you have to re-register as childcare on domestic premises, which is a lot more complicated, including how many toilets, different registration, etc.

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