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Ofsted Registration Visit

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FavouriteParksAreCarParks Tue 14-Nov-17 19:58:20

I applied to Ofsted to register as a childminder one week ago. On Ofsted online progress is marked as ‘complete’ for childminder training, first aid, criminal records, social services and other. Health declaration and the two references are marked as ‘in progress’. I posted my health declaration yesterday and both references are complete too so these should be ‘complete’ very shortly too.

I was expecting a 12 week wait but this is all going very quickly. Can anyone take a guess as to how long it might take for them to come? I am completely ready so the sooner the better I say!

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PrincessScarlett Tue 14-Nov-17 20:51:24

I had a call 2 weeks after submitting my application to arrange the visit for the following week. Had to then wait a further 2 weeks for certificate to arrive in the post so all in about 5 weeks. Much quicker than the 12 weeks I envisaged and I know people who had to wait at least 12 weeks.

FavouriteParksAreCarParks Wed 15-Nov-17 12:10:24

Wow! When was that?

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PrincessScarlett Wed 15-Nov-17 13:34:31

2 months ago. Was frustrating process to begin with as one of my references went "missing" but once that was sorted it all happened very quickly.

FavouriteParksAreCarParks Wed 15-Nov-17 13:47:03

Fab, fingers crossed I’m registered by Christmas!

It’s now showing that one of my references is ‘complete’. 😀

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LittleDolphins Thu 16-Nov-17 17:41:50

Hi I am in the process too I’d love hear hear how your visits go please someone post a thread on their registration and how it all went what were the questions etc. I’m so nervous!!! I am worried I haven’t done enough as I need to change my garden whole fence and I’m saving for that so there’s no dangerous risks for the garden.

PrincessScarlett Thu 16-Nov-17 18:53:32

I was also very nervous Little Dolphins but inspector was very nice. The visit lasted a whopping 4 hours 40 minutes. Lots of questions and chat about safeguarding. Wanted to look over my policies. Questions based on EYFS so need to know that inside out. Discussion about my risk assessment.

Your house does not need to be set up for every eventuality. I didn't have stair gates, high chair etc but as long as you say you will get them should you need to the inspector was satisfied and said it was a waste of money buying things on the off chance you might use it.

Inspector didn't even set foot in my garden so I wouldn't worry too much about your fence.

I wasn't asked anything about prevent or British values which surprised me. Inspector was more than happy to answer my questions.

I had my child info form, accident form, permission forms, incident forms, prospectus etc available for inspector to see.

You don't have to know absolutely everything off by heart and as long as you can show you will put the needs of the child first you can't go too wrong.

Good luck!!

FavouriteParksAreCarParks Sat 18-Nov-17 10:14:11

Everything is now showing as ‘complete’ on my Ofsted online progress checker. However, this morning I received a letter asking for more information on my health declaration form. Basically I have been registered with my GP since 2007 except between 2013 and 2015 when I was registered at a different surgery. Ofsted are saying there is ‘a gap in your medical history’ and are asking me to ‘obtain these records from your previous surgery’.

Do they mean add to the existing form (which they’ve sent back to me)? Or produce a whole new form? Or just a letter I can add as an addendum?

I thought GP records were passed between surgeries so shouldn’t my current surgery have information on 2013-2015 anyway?!

Please help - Ofsted are closed til 8am Monday and it’s stressing my out as I so wanted to be set up by Christmas and thought it was going so well!!!

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PrincessScarlett Sat 18-Nov-17 13:47:37

I would phone Ofsted Monday morning and ask them to clarify as if you try and guess what they want and get it wrong it can add another week to the process.

Medical records should be automatically sent on when you register somewhere else so might be worth contacting your surgery to ask why they don't have complete records for you.

FavouriteParksAreCarParks Tue 21-Nov-17 11:49:44

I phoned ofsted first thing Mon morning and they were really helpful! I then saw my GP this morning to fix the problem.

Basically the question on the health declaration form asks the GP if they have continuous records but the GP responded ‘no’ because I wasn’t registered with them 2013-2015. In fact whether or not I was registered with them is irrelevant as they do have continuous RECORDS because these were passed over from the other surgery so the correct answer is ‘yes’. The GP is changing the form today - I hope!!!!! Basically the GP misinterpreted the question.

Very impatient because the ofsted man said, ‘get the form emailed back to us ASAP and we can organise your registration visit.’ Yay!!!

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FavouriteParksAreCarParks Wed 13-Dec-17 17:16:27

They’re coming next week! So that’ll be six weeks from the application being submitted to the registration visit. Much quicker than I thought and so pleased that’ll I’ll be able to start my new business in the new year. 😀

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FA12 Sat 10-Feb-18 11:07:33

Today 11:00 FA12

Hello everyone. I need advice about registration. Ofsted lady booked for a registration day after next week but my 17 year old son got caught with tiny amount of cocaine by the police after he had been chased, hit and bitten by the police dog 2 days ago. He couldn't stop immediately when police told him to and police started hitting his moped by the side and knocked him down to stop him and let the dog run over and bit him. I am grateful that the police caught him so he wouldn't do the same mistakes and learn from his mistake for not stopping for the police and all but I feel so sorry that he got bitten by police dog on almost everywhere of his body and police was hitting him at the same time when he was bitten by the dog. ( That's what he said ) my question is, should I let the Ofsted lady know before the registration date or should I wait till the court day which is 3 days after the registration day?

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