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Happy to keep taking childcare vouchers when new system comes in?

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legogeek Fri 20-Oct-17 10:18:02

My employer offers a really great childcare voucher scheme that I want to sign up to.

Do you think childminders will still be happy to take vouchers in the next few years, after the new tax free childcare system comes in?

Am back at work May 2018 and don’t want to limit which childminders DD can go to, as I think it’ll be hard to find a good childminder in my area (high demand).

legogeek Fri 20-Oct-17 10:19:01

Its with PES vouchers, by the way.

SierraFerrara Fri 20-Oct-17 10:24:12

Couldn't you just stop using them if your childminder stops taking them in the future?

SpanGransNo1Fan Fri 20-Oct-17 14:14:50

From a childminder’s POV there is no difference at all between vouchers and tax-free childcare

Snap8TheCat Fri 20-Oct-17 15:37:04

For me it’s more to do with how diligent the parent is in sending the payment in plenty of time to arrive in my account that makes me decide. I don’t care where it comes from.

HSMMaCM Fri 20-Oct-17 20:31:41

Tax free childcare is already here. I still take vouchers. I don't care how I'm paid, as long as I'm paid. Don't worry.

nannynick Fri 20-Oct-17 20:40:28

I'm a nanny not a childminder but as others have said, it's just a payment method. So just like any other payment method the important thing is the timing of the payment. As long as the payment gets to me on time, there is no issue with it.

legogeek Sun 22-Oct-17 08:33:16

Thanks all, that’s really helpful. Wish me luck finding a childminder!

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