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Parents, can I ask you a question about holidays if you use a childminder ?

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Claudinette1978 Sun 27-Aug-17 17:54:42

I'm about to start in a couple of months, I'm looking for potential parents, I'm still working on my admin etc...for the holidays :

1- Do you pay full-fee for your holidays and no fees when your cm is on holidays ?

2-Do you pay 50% of the fee for your holidays and 50 % of the fee when your childminder is on holidays ?

3-Other and if you could tell me what is your arrangement that would be nice !

Thank you for your help

thethoughtfox Sun 27-Aug-17 18:00:17

Never used a childminder but would think it insane if I was expected to pay 50% when the service was not available!

Scotlass Sun 27-Aug-17 18:05:58

At the moment it's no.3 as I use a childminder afterschool term time only.
I pay full price for 3hrs per day school term and out of term 50% retainer fee with childminders holidays (think it's 4wks per annum) unpaid. I mostly take my holidays out of school term and would pay full price if he doesn't go afterschool whatever reason

Previously it was no 1

Moreisnnogedag Sun 27-Aug-17 18:09:31

I paid full fees for when I was on holiday but none for when the CM was. Similarly if DC was sick I still paid but not if they were.

Looneytune253 Sun 27-Aug-17 18:15:43

I'm a childminder and I charge 50% for either holidays. It seemed the fairest way when I first set my conditions.

JigglyTuff Sun 27-Aug-17 18:17:15

Same as moreis - I paid if the CM was available and I didn't want to use her but not if she wasn't. She gave me really good notice of holidays though so I aligned mine with hers as much as I could

Gizlotsmum Sun 27-Aug-17 18:17:42

We paid full fees for our holidays or sickness and nothing for childminders holiday or sickness. They would tell us holiday dates so we would try to take holiday at the same time.

gamerwidow Sun 27-Aug-17 18:18:19

2) 50% for my holidays and the CM holidays

8 weeks holiday in total - CM can choose 4 weeks of holiday and we can also choose a different 4 weeks of holiday. Both of us must give 1 months notice of any holiday to be taken.

thesleepystorm Sun 27-Aug-17 18:19:09

We pay full fees for both ours and the childminders holiday. That's the norm where I am.

gamerwidow Sun 27-Aug-17 18:19:20

Also we pay if DD sick but don't pay if CM sick.

Youvegotafriendinme Sun 27-Aug-17 18:23:57

My close friend has to pay full fee for both hers and CM holidays. She also has to have her DS with CM on a Monday yet the CM doesn't work bank holiday and she pays full fee.

CM in my area (there are a lot!) are the reason I chose alternative care for my DS

northcoastmum Sun 27-Aug-17 18:26:50

I pay half fee during Christmas and Easter school holidays (am a teacher so never use her then), nothing during the long summer holidays but full fee for both bank holidays and her holidays when she isn't available at all, and things like October/Feb half term when I don't send the kids.

GrockleBocs Sun 27-Aug-17 18:28:08

1. We paid if she was able and willing to have dc whether we used her or not. We didn't pay if she was unavailable.

TheBadgersMadeMeDoIt Sun 27-Aug-17 18:45:28

Wow - we are clearly very lucky where we live. I've used two CMs and both only charged for what we used. No charge for either our holidays or theirs.

They've both been brilliant - really flexible and helpful. And clearly word gets around because they are never short of customers!

Growing up my DM was a CM (in a different part of the country) and she did the same. I thought it was the norm with CM's!

chancerprancer Sun 27-Aug-17 19:07:26

Option 2 here (50% for hols either ours or childminders)

penstemon Sun 27-Aug-17 19:15:30

We pay our cm when she is available & offering her service. So we don't pay if she is on holiday or off sick but do pay if we are on holiday, the DC are sick etc.

Maryann1975 Mon 28-Aug-17 10:45:54

I'm a cm, I charge full fees for their holidays/days off as I'm still available.
If I take a day off/holiday there is no charge on the basis they may have to pay someone else to have the child.

CommanderShepard Mon 28-Aug-17 10:51:35

Full fees if I'm away, 50% if she is. She's legally entitled to paid time off like anyone else.

jannier Mon 28-Aug-17 15:08:18

Don't forget that other things than the actual fee come into any comparison. Work out an annualised bill and include costs of anything you would need to supply at each setting ...outings food wipes snacks nappies laundry etc. then compare each.

At a £5 a day 9 hour day a cost of paying 8 days holiday is around £2.50 a week is the service offered worth this?

All cm's charge for holiday in some way many who give free holidays have higher hourly rates or may take more holiday meaning you either have time off dictated completely by a cm or you often pay a higher rate for alternative cover and your Lo has to settle in with someone new for a short time....consider all this in your comparisons.

Strangely some bulk at a paid holiday and choose to pay a higher rate of say 30p an hour which actually works out more a year and of course if you get tax credits your paid that amount regardless of if the cm charges for holidays or not.

Look at what works for you in terms of stuff like regular payments vs saving and putting by, if you know you may have to dip into savings it may not be the best option to choose to charge a higher rate and save as you may find 10 years go by and you never get a holiday which when your working a 60 plus hour week is not good for you your family or the children you care for.

BewareOfTheToddler Mon 28-Aug-17 15:22:38

Our old childminder charged half fees for holidays with a minimum two week notice period on both sides and max of four weeks holiday, but in practice the only time she ever gave us just 2 weeks notice was to attend a funeral. We paid full fees if we chose not to send at short notice/if he was ill.

Our new childminder charges half fees for her holidays (four weeks) and full fees for ours, but averages it out so we pay the same each month over the year.

They do vary in terms of what they offer. New CM charges more and doesn't offer dinner (but is happy for us to send a packed meal), but does more activities and takes the kids out a lot. Old CM included all meals but didn't take them out - it was a real home from home environment. Neither included nappies; new CM includes wipes, etc, whereas we had to supply those previously.

So far, we've been very happy with both and had far better experiences than most of our friends who use nurseries.

scoobydooagain Mon 28-Aug-17 15:39:53

I pay for my holidays but not for the childminders, we work it out over the year, so I pay the same amount every month, so no huge bills for me in the school holidays - my son has been with the same childminder for over 5 years so this works well for both of us.

lightgreenglass Mon 28-Aug-17 15:43:31

I pay full fees for when I am on holiday and when she is on holiday. She gets sick pay when she's ill (very rarely). If she needs to close because her children are ill then I don't pay or I use the day in lieu later on.

Passthecake30 Mon 28-Aug-17 15:46:16

Half fees for my holiday and no fees for hers (but they are very rare)

Claudinette1978 Mon 28-Aug-17 15:53:15

Thank you everyone...I think I'm going to go for full fees for parents and no fees for me. I'm worried that if I give them 50% charge only when they go on holidays I'll be barely paid some month as I can have up to 3 children meaning 3 families = them taking their holidays not necessarily at the same time me X 3 times.

It's really interesting to hear about your own arrangement

HSMMaCM Mon 28-Aug-17 18:28:42

If I'm available I charge. If I'm not I don't. However as others have said, it depends on your rates, amount of holidays, etc.

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