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Don't Use Hampstead Au Pair Agency

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MrsOctober Fri 14-Jul-17 11:22:55

Do not give your money to this agency!!!! If you want to save yourself a fortune and cut out the middle man: Simply place an ad on Facebook and take the very first applicant without asking for references. Same end result and you're quids in!

Unlike other agencies, they do not give refunds under any circumstances. The girl they put forward to me was completely unsuitable. Her conduct immediately contradicted the 'glowing' reference I was told she had. When I contacted the agency owner to let him know how disastrous the first days were, he merely said 'sack her then'. The number he gave me for her previous employer was (and still is) permanently switched off. I left several messages and have had no response. I conclude this reference was fabricated. Once she'd gone, he was unable to provide a replacement (blaming Brexit!!!) unable to offer any kind of support, and point blank refused to refund any of the fees paid. I now know of 4 other very dissatisfied customers who had identical experiences. This agency has noone on their books. They simply advertise your job on au pair Facebook sites, embellish the girl's experience, qualifications and suitability to you and put huge pressure on you to take them on even when you express doubt or when you turn them down at interview. When I turned this girl down at interview and asked him to keep looking, he offered me a 'personal guarantee' that this girl was outstanding. 'Her credentials are amazing...She just doesn't interview well, you shouldn't penalise her for that...she's an outstanding candidate...I would employ her in a heartbeat if I needed an au pair right now'. An agency boss endorsing a candidate like that, made me doubt my gut instinct (really stupid, I know) Later, when it all went wrong, he said he couldn't be blamed as he'd never met her. When I challenged him about this and said that he had strongly implied he had personally met the candidate, he got very nasty. Please do get in touch if you've had a similar experience.

Smily3 Wed 14-Feb-18 09:13:12

Pls do not use HAMPSTEAD AUPAIR AGENCY. They are fake and fraud. They asked two of my aupairs to walk out on us by packing their bags behind our back. They placed those aupairs by providing fake references to the families. All of this was done so that they can earn their commission. They have no ethics and are doing all the wrong things to somehow place the aupairs so that they can earn money. I would urge anyone who is looking for an agency to NOT TO USE HAMPSTEAD AUPAIR AGENCY. Thanks

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