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Just signed up for the preregistration briefing!

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LuptoLego Tue 04-Jul-17 14:52:56

It's not until September though so still a while to go. Is there anything I can do in the meantime or should I just wait for the briefing first?

I'm a bit worried that my house is too small. I have a huge garden with lots of equipment and a downstairs WC which will be handy, but I have a small hall (you can only fit one person In it) a living room which leads into my kitchen/diner. My stairs are in the living room. So not including the tiny hall and WC, I only have two rooms downstairs. Will this be enough space?

Any other advice for me? smile

HSMMaCM Tue 04-Jul-17 21:10:04

The space determines how many children you can look after. If you plan to use the outside a lot, the big garden is great. I wouldn't do much more until your briefing. If you then decide to go ahead, be aware it can take a while. DBS checks (for example) can be quick, or amazingly slow.

LuptoLego Wed 05-Jul-17 06:30:01

I used to work as a childminders assistant and my last dbs only took two weeks to come through. Hopefully I'll be as lucky this time too!

Yes I plan to use the garden alot.

Would it be worth joining pacey now? Start planning policies?

They normally do the pre registration briefings every month except august, so I've timed it badly!

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