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Assessing a demand in your area

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cleanlaundry Wed 17-May-17 13:23:54

How did you all do it? The childcare sufficiency assessment document from my council doesnt really help. It's out of date by 2 years but with the 30 year free childcare being rolled out to everyone in September I'm thinking demand will be increasing...weirdly there is no other childminder in our immediate neighbouring roads, nearest ones are about a 10/15min walk away :/ we live about 1min walk away from the school so I would think there would be a large demand!

Did anyone start up as a childminder and then realise there was no demand/very little take up? I'm afraid this might happen

LittleMissCrappy Wed 17-May-17 14:23:34

I am not sure that the 30 hours of childcare will increase demand for childminders tbh. Most childminders I know will not be offering the 30 hours (it's optional) as it makes absolutely no financial sense.

Nurseries will be able to offer it as they can 'offset' their loss on other parts of the business, but childminders with few children don't really have that option. I charge £60 a day - £6 an hour at the moment, and the council would only give me £4.11 per hour if I was to offer the 'free' 30 hours of childcare. So my guess is, many childminder will quit, new childminders will see that it makes very little sense to offer the 'free' 30 hours and nurseries will find a way to charge parents on other things, such as extra (French, football, tennis) lessons; extended hours; charge for all food; hire apprentices and pay them below the minimum wage, etc

You could call your local childminder support at your council and ask him/her directly? Speak to nurseries and ask if they have a waiting list?

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