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Calling all childminders/nursery workers for advice please

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Northend77 Sat 29-Apr-17 20:42:13

We recently had to urgently find a new nursery due to ours going into liquidation and closing down overnight. There are a few days we need to cover before our girls can start and one of their key workers at the closed nursery has offered to do a day's childminding. They are all going through a terrible time and I want to make her day as easy as possible so will be making meals for us and the girls and want to provide as many materials as possible that she would normally have used
One thing I can think of is disposable gloves for nappy changes (as this is a standard at nurseries and they can be bought cheaply) but are there any other standard things that I could easily get or do? I know if I ask her she'll say not to worry about it but I really like her and this will probably be the last time she properly sees my girls and I want to make it a sort of home from home (or work from home!)
Thanks in advance

HSMMaCM Sat 29-Apr-17 21:53:08

So she's coming to your house? Make sure it's clear where all the nappy changing stuff is (including which bin to put the nappies in). Gloves would be great.

Notes for where the toys are, how to work the microwave / oven. Where all the tea and coffee is (and maybe biscuits).

Are there any local parks she can walk them to?

Just let them have a day of fun really and tell her she can message you if she can't find something.

thisgirlrides Sun 30-Apr-17 07:50:18

Other than a brief outline of routine (if it differs from nursery), pre-made meals & show her where to find snacks, tea & coffee etc I would just let her get on with it. Horrible situation poor girl.

Northend77 Sun 30-Apr-17 21:45:06

Thanks everyone. I will be at home for some of the time but need to be available to take calls, deal with incidents, etc but she's going to take my car seats and go out to the park with them (we don't have anything within walking distance) and will just have fun. So I will get in disposable gloves and prep all food and just let them get on with having a nice day

HSMMaCM Sun 30-Apr-17 22:33:24

In that case, I'd also say the more you are out of the way, the better grin. She won't be able to relax and get on with the job when you're there.

Northend77 Mon 01-May-17 00:47:27

That's a good point HSMMaCM, I think I'll work most of the day from my parents' house which is only a mile away so I can get back if she needs me at all. Hadn't thought that it might make her feel awkward and it also takes away the chance of the girls disturbing me if they know I'm home

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