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How (and when) do I need to start looking into getting a childminder?

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Mandraki Mon 17-Apr-17 14:48:21

Probably far too soon to be thinking about this (but maybe not!?), but our baby is due in October and I'd be going back to work after 6-9 months, part time, when do I need to start looking at child minders? Is there a waiting list? Can I leave it until I'm ready to go back to work or should I have started before I got pregnant?

2anddone Mon 17-Apr-17 15:04:13

Hi firstly congratulations smile
Depending on the demand in your area will depend on when you need to start looking. If demand is high I would look as soon as you can. Most childminders won't take any money from you until baby has safely arrived. Then (talking from how I do it!) you would pay a deposit to secure your place (which gets knocked off your first invoice). If you know what date you want to return to work you would give them that date and pay from then (even if you decide to take a couple more months), however once you are paying for your space it's yours to use on your contracted days whenever you want (so long as you have warned them you will be coming!).
Most cm also offer free settling in sessions before starting, however please be aware EVERY cm is self employed and therefore their terms may be completely different to another cm so you will have to ask each one how it works.

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