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looneytune Sat 10-Mar-07 09:14:09

Shosha has come up with a fab idea..........we all put our vacancies on here and it keeps the thread active and therefore more likely to be seen!

I'll start then......

Sezlouliz Sun 01-Apr-07 20:19:58

I am a Registered Childminder in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. I currently have a vacancy for a child under 5 - Mon, Tues & Fri.
Last Ofsted grade = GOOD
I am a support childminder working with the NCMA, for new and registering childminders in the local area. I have been registered since Oct 2003. I am in the process of studying for The Diploma in Home-based Childcare, and working towards the NCMA Quality Assurance scheme.
For further information log on to
or call Sarah on 07939 284595

Thank you

looneytune Mon 02-Apr-07 17:20:15

On behalf of a fellow childminder......

Three Mile Cross, Reading

I have a vacancy for a child aged 0-5
Monday 0800-1600
Wednesday 0800-1600
Thursday 0800-1600

I have a school holiday vacancy for a child aged 5+
Monday – Friday 0800-1800

£4.10 per hour


becksmummy Mon 02-Apr-07 21:00:07


Full & Part time vacancies available for 0-8yrs.

Local school/nursery runs and before/after school care available. for more details


cathychildminder Fri 27-Apr-07 14:39:06

Hello I am an Ofsted registered childminder in the Halewood area of Liverpool.

I currently have a full or part time vacancy for a child aged 0-4 years.

visit my website and enter my name, catherine wallace.

deembee Fri 27-Apr-07 18:51:04

Hi i am ofsted registered childminder from MIDDLESBROUGH, member of ncma and waiting to start NVQ 2.
Currently have vacancies for 2 under 5s and 3 x 5 to 8s. Also willing to do before and after schoolies for Green Lane School, Linthorpe.


please e-mail at

collision Fri 27-Apr-07 18:54:28

Lunavix...where do you live?

Saz73 Fri 27-Apr-07 19:17:29

Hi I'm a registered childminder in Arborfield, RG2 area. I have vacancy for 4mth to 5 yr on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

If you are interested in the vacancy please contact me.


lunavix Fri 27-Apr-07 19:25:50

collision - Thatcham

lunavix Fri 27-Apr-07 19:26:08

Are you local?

We have a couple of us RG-ers on here!

collision Fri 27-Apr-07 20:26:42

I am in Warfield Bracknell so Thatcham is a bit far tho I did go over there last week to collect a bike seat that I got from ebay!

lunavix Fri 27-Apr-07 20:27:30

ah one of dh and I's closest friends lives in Bracknell We're there all the time

collision Fri 27-Apr-07 20:28:10

Do you go to the lookout? We were trying to plan a meetup there at some point!

lunavix Fri 27-Apr-07 20:42:48

I've only been once but loved it Kids loved it too! I'll tag along but probably only if weekend... can't drive so Bracknells a bit of a way.

You a CM or just looking?

littlepicklesmum Fri 04-May-07 12:15:52

Folkestone Kent..
Registered Childminder
x 2 (1-5) year olds 3 days a week days TBC
No under 1's until end of June (when my LO is 1yr)
Can do school runs any day.
Emergency / Holiday care available.
Will have website soon, but you can email me on

sue9398 Sun 06-May-07 20:25:03

Hi, I am a newly registered childminder, who has ten years experience of working with children. I have cared for children from the age of 3 months through to 12 years old. I provide a fun homely caring environment where your child can learn and develop through play and activities.

A homemade cooked lunch and healthy snacks with milk or water to drink will be provided. Children will be taken on regular trips to playgroups etc so they can interact with other children. I have two boys, one is eight other is three. I am a member of the NCMA. I have gained the following qualifications- NVQ2 in playwork, NVQ3 in early years and education, Introduction to childcare practice and Food hygiene. At present I am working towards my first aid certificate.

I live in south Cheshire. I have vacancies for two children under five years old, full or part time. If you would like any further information about the service I provide please email me on

littledutchys Mon 07-May-07 10:03:17

*Fareham/Stubbington/Titchfield borders*

Hello !

I am a Childminder with a couple of vacancies which are;

Monday - Friday before and after school

I can drop and collect from any school in the area currently as I have just decided to open these spaces up so its first come first serve for that one.

Monday - Friday

One full time vacany for an over one year old. This child has to be able to walk.

We attend lots of groups and nothing stops us going out and about to the beach/park (have car will travel) and play in the garden. Dont be alarmed if you child makes mud pies and eats bright green pasta, the aim of the game is to be a child, learn whilst having fun.

hours are 7am - 7pm and can cover all meals as requested. Can do weekends if required but need to be booked in advance.

Seperate sleeping area for minded children.

Reistered for over night care.

First Aid Trained

Food Hygiene Certificate passed

Non Smoking Environment

Currently studying Diploma in Home Based Child Care (level 3)

*No charge for Naval Holidays*

to contact me please email

dancey Mon 07-May-07 16:04:43

Any childminders in Batheaston/Bathford area?

babywhisperer Mon 07-May-07 20:55:30

Any childminders in Newport or Clavering? need childminder for a girl aged 3 and boy aged 6 for sept 07. boy attends clavering primary,nr bishops stortford,Essex.

Childminder3 Wed 16-May-07 22:27:04


Quality assured childminding service has vacancies

OFSTED registered
Member of Surrey/NCMA approved Children Come First Quality Assured Network
Nominated for Children's Star Awards Newcomer of the Year
Nominated for Carol Razey Memorial Award
Excellent references

Please visit my website at:-


OFSTEDoutstanding Wed 16-May-07 22:42:59

Childminder near Kings Lynn in Norfolk.
Graded Outstanding by OFSTED.
I have the following vacancies
1 under 5 monday-friday.
I offer term time only contracts or full/part time ones. I have been looking after children for the past 16 years even though I have only been childminding for about 6 months. We do lots of activities including art and crafts and going to toddlers. If you are interested email me on

OFSTEDoutstanding Wed 16-May-07 22:43:50

sorry that should be email me on em underscore 28677 underscore c at hotmail dot com

looneytune Thu 17-May-07 08:17:34

SHINFIELD, READING (near Spencers Wood, Arborfield, Lower Earley etc.)

Looneytune's website gives full detail's of what's on offer. There is a vacancy section but I'm having trouble updating my website at the moment so please don't take any notice of that for now.


Possibly coming up: 2 x vacancies for under 5's on Mon, Tues, Wed

Before/After School (5-12 yr olds), any day
Holiday Care also available

From Jan 08 - full time/part time vacancies for under 5 year old.

Waiting list available.

Looneytune xx

sjkingdom Thu 17-May-07 13:59:53


One full time vacancy for under 5.
Three before/after school/holiday places for 5-8s

For more details please see


ayla99 Thu 17-May-07 14:09:10

Age 5+ Term-time Breakfast Club Mon-Fri
Age 5+ Tue & Thur before and/or after school
From July 2007 - Age 0-5 Fridays only
Ofsted Report PDF File

Cambridgeshire CB23

gillhowe Fri 18-May-07 11:39:53

Looking for a childminder in *Bishop's Stortford*

From October for a then 11 month old. Most likely three days a week

Its probably far too early, but I suppose it doesn't hurt to ask!

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