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Please just put me at ease

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fruityb Mon 10-Apr-17 10:54:49

My son will be just shy of 9 months old when he goes to childminder full time. He's a fairly easy kid and is fab around other people and other kids. Me and him he can be grumpy but I think I see it as worse than it is because it's just the two of us. He can be a bugger for napping though morning nap has got better and he'll go down for that easily. He has a snooze in the afternoon and they can be a battle at times! I do cuddle him a bit as that makes life easier though am working on putting him down after he's fallen asleep.

Just tell me my cm won't turn round and say "my goodness your child is a nightmare whinge bag who is horrible when he needs a nap! I don't think I can look after him anymore!" This is what I keep imagining!! He'll be my cm's only full timer. I know he'll have to adapt to her routine with school runs and whatnot so I'm sure he'll be fine. I've sat here and realised it's all well and good me having certain things in place for his snooze but then these things may not be an option when he goes to her!

I spend too much time overthinking stuff and she's so lovely I'm sure it'll be great: I just have so so much anxiety about leaving him. I've not really spent any time away from him and as much as I'm looking forward to being at work and having a break from feeling like chief pot and bottle washer, I can't shake this anxiety!

Any advice or just words of comfort for me 😀

FineAsWeAre Mon 10-Apr-17 11:48:47

She won't say that smile loads of kids are grumpy when tired and it's par for the course when you work in childcare. If she wouldn't look after a child who had an odd whinge she'd have none at all! Don't worry. Mine can be a right moaning minnie for me but his teachers think he's an angel x

thisgirlrides Mon 10-Apr-17 13:41:22

Oh please stop worrying I'm sure he'll be fine and as going FT will quickly adapt. My minded children absolutely adore school run seeing the bigger children who all dote on the babies and one boy is an absolute pickle for his mum at nap times, by the 2nd week at mine was in a cot sleeping for 2 hours. No magic or meant as a boast just different place, set routine & no mum wink!
Try not to stress honestly the first few weeks are harder for parents than children.

Starlighter Mon 10-Apr-17 13:49:32

Both my kids fought naps very early on and rarely napped past the age of 2, resulting in tired meltdowns all afternoon. They were little angels for their Childminders though and napped beautifully at the same time each day! Incredible! I think children will always play up for their parents more.

fruityb Mon 10-Apr-17 13:51:30

Thank you for your comments I genuinely appreciate it! My anxiety started as an adult, as a teen and in my early twenties I never had a care and yet now I get anxious over absolutely anything! Being at home with him and not really seeing anyone leaves me over thinking things far too much. I'm sure he'll be ace but it's always niggling me!

Nan0second Sun 16-Apr-17 19:59:03

He will be fab for your CM and it will be really irritating!
They'll work out their own routine and he'll love the other big kids.
My DD has flourished and she even naps in a travel cot every time - I have not managed these feat in months!!

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