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Changing form childminding to being a nanny

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Gosia2017 Thu 06-Apr-17 13:17:57

Thank you for the information.

I have to figure out the whole Ofsted registration situation, but at the moment I am still collecting all the information.

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nannynick Tue 04-Apr-17 19:36:54

1. Yes, your childminding registration will also enable you to be a home childcarer.
2. You will need to contact your insurer. It is likely that you will need a separate policy for nannying.
3. If you keep childminder registration, then you will be inspected as a childminder, at your home I would expect.
If you change to being just a Home Childcarer, then 10% are inspected annually, so you have a chance of being inspected but it only takes half an hour or less... checking paperwork and asking safeguarding questions.
4. You would need to care for the families children in their home to be a nanny. If you take them to your home, you would be a childminder.
5. London rates vary. £12-14 gross per hour is achievable for someone with qualification and experience. As a nanny you would be an employee, so take that in account - if you keep childminder registration you would keep your self employment/small business status for childminding work at your home and be an employee whilst nannying. Income from PAYE comes off your personal tax allowance first when doing your tax return and the parents are responsible for deducting Income Tax and National Insurance from your gross salary.
Many nannies work for families with two, three or more children.
Morton Michel recently published a survey of number of children in a nannies care. See last page of this survey summary (pdf).
Generally nannies are paid for caring for all the children in the family regardless of their age, or the number of children. When having the annual review, the pay/duties may be adjusted to take account of the affect of a new baby in the family.

HSMMaCM Tue 04-Apr-17 18:38:44

1. I know someone who did childminding 2 days a week and nannying the other 3 days, so it's definitely possible to have both registrations running at once.

Misspilly88 Tue 04-Apr-17 16:48:57

1. Not sure
2. You'd need to change insurance because you'll be at a different premises.
3. You can still get inspected but they don't do them very often and are usually just to check your paperwork (first aid and insurance) ask what you'd do if you had a child protection concern. Friends have had inspections that lasted 10mins.
4. Is up to your employer. You set the terms with the family so need to make sure you're both happy with the arrangements.
5. Not sure what the going rate is in London but again it's something you discuss with the employer.

Gosia2017 Tue 04-Apr-17 16:44:59

Hello all,

I have been childminding for almost 6 years now, but now I have decided to have a change and try as a nanny. I was wondering about few things before deciding:
1. Is it possible to keep my childminding registration with nanny registration with Ofsted together. Or do I need to choose straightaway?
2. Do I need indemnity insurance for nanny? or can I use my childminding insurance until it runs out?
3. Do I still get the Ofsted inspections? or is it gone?
4. I have my own children and during the school breaks do you take your children to work with you or bring the 'other' child with you to your home?
5. What is the good rate to start with in London? Do you increase if there more than 1 child or when during your work another one is born to the family?
Thank you I would appreciate all the feedback.

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