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Childminder in London rates

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Newmother8668 Sun 02-Apr-17 17:36:40

What's a decent hourly rate for a childminder that takes care of your baby at your own home?

superram Sun 02-Apr-17 17:49:11

You mean a nanny which is a whole different ball game. You would be their employer. At least £12 net. A childminder in their own home would be £6-8 an hour.

hibbledobble Mon 03-Apr-17 02:38:06

Childminder (care in their home) varies widely according to London area. I have heard of prices from 35-100/day.

ilovesouthlondon Mon 03-Apr-17 08:17:37

Where in London are you based?

BadgerFace Mon 22-May-17 19:55:08

I am in London and my nanny charges £12 gross per hour (she has my one year all day and my 4 year old from 4pm to 6pm). When I was interviewing last autumn rates varied from £11 to £14 gross. We are SE London zone 2 and I'm sure it varies depending exactly where you are.

You then need to factor in paying a payroll company, employers NIC, activities/food, extra utilities cost etc to get a true monthly cost.

ilovesouthlondon Tue 23-May-17 10:31:25

That's for a nanny which is useful but I think poster is looking at London childminder rates x

strawberrygate Tue 23-May-17 17:17:13

No, a childminder looks after children in the cm's home.
A nanny looks after them in the child's home and is employed by the parent ( usually)

ilovesouthlondon Thu 25-May-17 09:04:04

Yes but we are talking about rates I think, not the location of care?

jannier Thu 25-May-17 17:12:18


The type of care and the location are important as child-minders per child are a lot cheaper than a nanny so to say in London its £4.50 to £5 an hour is misleading....that is the rate of a child-minders in some parts of Hillingdon not a Nanny in Kensington.

pleasesayplease Mon 29-May-17 18:01:56

I know several childminders in London, they are £8ph, - Hackney, Islington and Highgate. Look on your local council website, some list their fees.

ilovesouthlondon Wed 31-May-17 09:34:58


I am aware of the location and rates connection. My point was I think the poster wants to know the rates (obviously with the various locations in London)

Snap8TheCat Fri 02-Jun-17 17:36:34

The location of the care is whether child's home or caregiver's home is what will make the difference in this case not the postcode.

ilovesouthlondon PPs are trying to explain the difference between childminders and nannies which the OP (and you) seems to have mixed up. Are you a childcarer?

wannabestressfree Fri 02-Jun-17 17:39:28

So rates for childminder (nanny) in south London then hmm?

Snap8TheCat Fri 02-Jun-17 17:48:02

hmm all you like but childminders and nannies are different occupations so it is helpful to be clear which one you require.

MoominFlaps Fri 02-Jun-17 17:50:08

That's a nanny, not a childminder. Childminders look after your child (and other children) at their own home. Ours costs £51 a day.

Most nannies I saw were £12-18 an hour.

tissuesosoft Fri 02-Jun-17 17:55:29

I'm in northwest London- our childminder is £5 an hour including breakfast and afternoon snack. Nannies around here are about £10-15 gross

loopyloppy Fri 02-Jun-17 18:02:06

Has the nanny wage gone down?! When I left (5 years ago) I was getting £15 per hour net!!

wannabestressfree Fri 02-Jun-17 18:06:09

I was agreeing with you snap.....

Snap8TheCat Fri 02-Jun-17 19:45:25

Ok sorry. Some things are hard to tell in writing.

NewToThis99 Wed 17-Jan-18 11:03:18

I am curious about this too, have been quoted 12.50 an hour for childminder in her own home- plus was asked to pay for holidays over the year, making it 12.75 an hour gross. This is for care at her home incl meals and so on, Zone 3, SW London- I am wondering if this is normal rate for this area!

jannier Wed 17-Jan-18 14:19:58

WOW NewTOThis......that's the highest I've ever heard previously the highest was Kingston at £8....except for one lady saying as she was Polish she could charge more for Polish people as she spoke polish (£8) my area west London is £5

Some will charge holiday pay so you have done the right thing by working it back to an hourly rate inclusive.

Have you rung around others ?

NewToThis99 Thu 18-Jan-18 02:02:04

Thanks jannier,

I have tried to contact other minders in the area thanks, but I think my issue is that I need such few hours, that it isn't worth their while to take us on when another family may need 20 plus hours for example...I have seen 10 per hour quoted in the area, and 12 for babysitting...

Nurseries seem to insist on 2 days min for a young baby, so it proving to be difficult to source the right care at the right price!

Person in question is registered with Ofsted, wondering if that increases price?

Twofishfingers Thu 18-Jan-18 13:00:06

All childminders working in the early years have to be registered with Ofsted! if they don't it's illegal (there are some exceptions for family, small number of hours, etc)

GreenSeededGrape Thu 18-Jan-18 13:03:45

New I'm Z3 SW London and my CM is £4.75 per hour and 2 weeks paid holiday.

That quote is shock

Theclockstruck2 Thu 18-Jan-18 13:04:44

This is an eye opener I’m in SW and childminders round me charge £10 an hour and if you child is at school they charge the whole day to keep the place!

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