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Good agency for London housekeeper/nanny

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Lalalandfill Sun 02-Apr-17 12:16:27

I've had a traumatic few months with a very sick child who's had hospital spells and dh always away for work and decided I need a nanny/housekeeper for at least another few months to help me survive.. Dcs should, all being OK, be at school next term, though ill dd may have to miss bits here and there so I think I basically need a housekeeper who can do odd bits of childcare.

Can anyone recommend a good agency? We're not posh and I was daunted when I looked at websites offering services like nanny grooms (people who look after your horses and your dc). We do not live in a mansion in Chelsea and I don't want a candidate who expects that, plus the house is a mess as I haven't been able to do anything during the past few months.

Please don't spam me, but anyone who's found someone good via an agency I'd love to hear. I can't cope with the hassle of Gumtree, done that before and it's too time consuming

Sugarcoma Sat 29-Apr-17 13:58:59

Hi we're in a similar boat in terms of wanting someone to help with DC while I'm at home and do some light housework - for us I think a part-time mother's helper fits the bill. Roughly where in London are you based?

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