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Looking to childmind, need some thoughts

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xcaramel Mon 27-Mar-17 17:26:26

Hello everyone!

I am thinking of child minding in London (not quite sure where exactly in London). I am very interested in this role because I like the small group of children, the one to one attention I can give them and honestly because of the bad experiences I had in nurseries. (For example, my co-worker left the children dirty all day and changed their nappy five minutes before parent came to pick up, or leaving the babies to cry till they turned red and exhausted. Another co-worker recorded one of the children crying and said "look how stupid you look!")

I do have some things I struggle with. I am not a native English speaker but do believe I hold a good enough level of English to be understood and understand others. I have a wide vocubalary but it is just that I do have a accent. Would parents want to bring their children to someone who is not native?

Ideally I would love my childminding to be based on Montessori and the how to talk to kids books. There would be fresh meals made with the children, when possible going outside, a creative activity every day and also thought of having emergency positions for example overnight stays.

What do all of you think?

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jannier Mon 27-Mar-17 18:25:02

I'm confused....why don't you know where you will be based? Child-minding is from your own home you then need to either own a house or have a landlord who permits you to work from home (hard to find) after that you go through the registration process. You do have to have a good working English but as a nursery worker you should already have this. Not being Native is not an issue.

Willow2017 Mon 27-Mar-17 19:35:05

How can you not be sure of where you will be working?
Are you considering moving soon?
You need your own home or landlords permisson to child mind in their house. Some will if you explain that it wont have the impact of many other businesses on the house and neighbours, some wont.

If you have that you will have to register with local authority/Ofsted and go through all the checks and courses your local authority require. (Not all are the same) This could take months.

You will need a current First Aid Certificate, PLI, home insurance, car insurance if applicable.

You will also have to register with and be inspected by Environmental Health if you are providing food.

Try the Childminding Association Website they can give you loads of helpfull advice.

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