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OK its almost Tax Time again........................ What do you put on your expenses?

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SHOSHAlee Mon 05-Mar-07 09:20:36

I know this has been done before but there seems to be a lot of new faces so thought we could do it again.

I will start withPencils
Bird Food
Fish Food
Paint Brushes
Blue tack
Sticky Back Plastic
Print Sponges
Coloring Books
Seed Pots
Paper Plates
Wrapping Paper
Birthday Cards
Dress Up Shoes
Dress Up Tiaras
Felt Tips
Foam Paper
Tracing Paper
Play dough
Material Scraps
Paper Cups
Pipe Cleaners
Tissue Paper
Pencils Sharpeners
Stanley Knife
Felt Drawings
Small Animal Food & Bedding

badgerhead Mon 05-Mar-07 11:41:31

Nappy Sacks
Window Cleaner
Part of Broadband Cost
Toddler Group Costs
Professional Magazines e.g. Nursery World, PPCC
NCMA Memebership
Public Liability Insurance
Travel Cots
Cosy Toes
Car Seats

Just A few more to carry on with

madge7 Mon 05-Mar-07 11:50:34

oooh thanks very interesting indeed....

SHOSHAlee Mon 05-Mar-07 13:05:11

bump for the lunchtime crowd

frankieb Mon 05-Mar-07 14:06:08

Cleaning materials
Toilet rolls
Loo wipes
Bin bags
Cling Film
Birthday cards & pressies
Christmas cards & pressies

dmo Mon 05-Mar-07 14:14:07

window cleaner? why

dmo Mon 05-Mar-07 14:18:15

telephone bill (part of)
paper work evelopes etc
ink for the printer
outdoor toys
easter eggs, gifts
part payment towards broadband
part payment towards PC and games
part payment towards food shopping
NCMA stuff
courses you have been on
paint and paint brushes
drawing paper

mogs0 Mon 05-Mar-07 17:56:59

What % of phone and broadband to you claim? Does anyone claim against their mobile phone too? I text the parents at least once or twice a day but not sure what % of line-rental I could claim back.

Do you do your accounts as you go along? I am one of the most disorganised people I know when it comes to paperwork!! I have a file with all my receipts in it but that's about it. For the 1st 2 months of the tax year I filled in the accounts book as I went along but haven't touched it since.

nannynick Mon 05-Mar-07 18:32:33

Stair Gates
Fire Blanket
Cupboard Locks
Filling in the pond - or covering it with mesh (not sure if that is permitted, though if you weren't childminding then you probably wouldn't have decided to have it filled in!)

Things have to be solely for the business, so not sure if you can claim for a computer, but you could if it was solely used for doing your accounts and other paperwork plus for the children to use.

With regard to percentages of Heat/Light etc.
Jersey Childminders Guide says 1/3 of household bills if childminding 40+ hours per week.
Can't locate info from HMRC yet - anyone know where it is?

mogs0 Mon 05-Mar-07 18:40:53

Heating/lighting percentages are in the NCMA accounts book.

I'm not sure what to do about mine as my hours have gradually built up from 30 to 40 over the last 6 months. Also, I am contracted and paid to work 40 hours a week but often do a couple less. Would I still be able to claim the 33% for heating/lighting?

nannynick Mon 05-Mar-07 18:57:44

IR0607 Guide for Childminders (Northern Ireland).

The above guide is produced by HMRC for Childminders in Northern Ireland. As yet have not found an equivalent for other parts of the UK, but a lot of the info I suspect will be the same. It is written in a easy way, not usual HMRC speak. Includes percentage that can be claimed for Heating/Lighting, Water/Council Tax/Rent It is dated May 2006.

nannynick Mon 05-Mar-07 19:00:11

Mogs, if you have a contract for 40 hours and the parents choose not to use all of it, then you are still paid for the 40 hours and thus in my view should be able to deduct the 33% of heat/light.

nannynick Mon 05-Mar-07 19:06:37

\link{\BIM2751 - note about the agreement between NCMA and Inland Revenue, which lists percentages.

nannynick Mon 05-Mar-07 19:07:24

Really should use that preview button


StrawberrySnowflakes Mon 05-Mar-07 19:57:54

so for things like window cleaner, do you just add it to your recipets list with no reciept???

badgerhead Mon 05-Mar-07 21:21:22

I just claim part of my window cleaning bill, the equivalent to downstairs, as surely the minidies have got to be able to see out & I don't have the time to clean them myself. The total amount is only £8.50 a time.

madge7 Mon 05-Mar-07 21:22:20

Is it anything under £10.00 you DON'T need receipt for?

badgerhead Tue 06-Mar-07 12:50:02

That's right, under £10, no receipt is needed, but it is a good idea to include if possible.

StrawberrySnowflakes Tue 06-Mar-07 13:10:40

so when you get your tax forms to fill in, do you just write an amount you have spent on setting up/expenses(inc running costs of electic etc) next to your money earned total then deduct one from the other showing the difference?

frankieb Tue 06-Mar-07 14:55:45

I bought a new pc and claim 80% of the cost. You have to do it as a capitol expense though, over a few years.
The IL were really helpful to me and came out to the house and went through everything.
They also told me I could claim a 'reasonable amount' for phone. As I have a PAYG mobile I claim £10 a month and the same for home.

StrawberrySnowflakes Tue 06-Mar-07 15:09:47

thanks FrankieB, so the computer wwe have here, i was told you could claim so much back for items you use for business that you already have (toys etc) would that be the case for computer too??? as i store lots on here and we're alwas using internet to get printable and playgames???

dmo Wed 07-Mar-07 09:48:06

i put
through cap gains

frankieb Wed 07-Mar-07 13:47:48

Hi Strawberry snowflakes
Not sure about items you already own and use for minding. I've never claimed for those but use lots of my sons things e.g travel cot, buggy, toys.
Give the IR a call, they are very nice..honest!

StrawberrySnowflakes Wed 07-Mar-07 16:52:42

and what should i ask them??..what things i can/cant claim for? ad they would tell me/give me a list?..surprised theywould be that helpful really!

ThePrisoner Wed 07-Mar-07 23:46:24

The Inland Revenue are not generally renowned for knowing what childminders can or can't claim for - we are not "ordinary" self-employed people, and are able to claim for things that others may not be able to.

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