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Nanny off sick

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Forest2017 Wed 15-Feb-17 10:06:46

I unfortunately have tonsillitis at the moment, confirmed as bacterial and being treated by strong antibiotics. I have so far taken Monday- today off work. (Having spent the past three weeks battling with illness and every weekend doing nothing but recover/sleep/cancel plans).. people who have suffered how long did it take until you felt normal energy levels?

My tonsils are now much less swollen (they had yellow dots, and discharge to the point I was being sick), and I can finally eat but I feel wiped out beyond words and napping 3 hours a day as well as 12 hour nights, not leaving the house. Yesterday I took a stroll for ten minutes to buy milk and had to sleep after for 2 hours! The antibiotics do say the side effects I am experiencing are normal.

Has anyone else had tonsillitis and am I being unreasonable in taking the whole week off work. I am very dedicated to my job, I've been with the family a few years and until three weeks ago I hadn't taken a sick day. Fortunately the mother isn't working currently so I do have peace of mind she can manage without me, but it is half term and my job is to help regardless of how many adults.

I am such a "go to work and struggle through" type of person I feel so guilty!
I feel "average/tired" now whilst sat in bed but do know if I were to go to work I could push myself and end up poorly again. I am also that sort of person who HATES resting and doing nothing. I have finally got through the stages of flu like symptoms and a normal temperature!

Basically WWYD? Doctor wouldn't give me a sick note as he said I can self certify this week. My employer hasn't complained I guess I just haven't ever taken sick days let alone 5 of them! with regards to sick pay etc, I am unsure what will happen but I am more concerned for my health as I have been poorly for a month now with little to no weekend life due to exhaustion.

LeftoverCrabsticks Wed 15-Feb-17 10:21:22

I know exactly how you feel - I am the same about work and never take a day off unless I'm quite literally wasted.

If I was your employer, given you don't have a history of taking time off sick I'd be absolutely fine with it. In fact, I'd far rather you rest up than force yourself to come in and make yourself worse. Especially if it's not going to mess me around with work. You sound like you desperately need a rest.

Don't feel guilty! Although I know I would (I honestly feel like you do about time off!!) you shouldn't! The family knows you are reliable normally so don't worry. For me, I'd far far rather have a nanny that takes off one week every few years than somebody who takes off lots of days all over that I can't rely on. Luckily both our nannies are more like you! :-)

underneaththeash Wed 15-Feb-17 10:26:57

I wouldn't worry, one week sick in three years is still a good sickness record, although you may feel well enough by Friday. People get properly ill sometimes.

JoJoSM2 Wed 15-Feb-17 10:36:37

Don't feel guilty! Sometimes people get sick - just how life is. Employers know that too...

Zebrasinpyjamas Wed 15-Feb-17 10:41:18

I'm sure your employer would rather you got better and returned fit and well. You will be a better employee when you are fully better. Also if there was a risk of you spreading disease I'd rather you stayed away from my children too (but maybe bacterial means it isn't contagious so that might not be relevant). If you've been there for a while they know you and that you are reliable. Get well soon.
My husband and I had something similar and we're both wiped out for a week.

Forest2017 Wed 15-Feb-17 10:46:05

Thank you for the response. It is bacterial and was contagious for 48hrs which is why I said I could not come in at all (newborn and one other toddler) .

I am sure she feels the same as you, I am just an over thinker and don't like to inconvenience people!

WellTidy Wed 15-Feb-17 10:51:24

We employ a nanny. If she had no time off sick in such a long time, I would 100% support her taking a week or more off work when she was so ill. Don't worry - you need the time to recuperate and rest, so that when you do return to work you can be reliable and hard working as you've always been.

Ilovewillow Wed 15-Feb-17 11:04:36

We had a nanny for two years and if she had described the symptoms you have I would definitely be telling her to stay at home and rest up. As an aside I had recurring tonsillitis as a child until I had them taken out and was often off school for two weeks at a time - it's horrible! Take care and rest!

Doglikeafox Wed 15-Feb-17 12:27:02

Have they done a test for glandular fever? I suffered horrendously from glandular fever a few years ago and it was missed for a while becuase I had bacterial tonsillitis at the same time. I ended up being hospitalised on an IV for 6 days as I was so poorly, and it took me months to recover and at least a year before I could stop my day time naps.
Ask the doctor for a blood test. I wasn't aware that fatigue was a symptom of tonsillitis normally, so definitely mention it X

Forest2017 Wed 15-Feb-17 15:33:28

The doctors I went to (emergency appointment as out of London) refused to. Which was ridiculous as a doctor friend said I had every symptom.
I have since been to my own GP and been referred for blood tests because I'm normally very fit, healthy, a good eater.

Thank you for the response as well. I've actually said I'll work tomorrow and Friday and see how it goes as I do feel better. It'll have to be a day of colouring in and baking as opposed to museum trips and endless walking.

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 17-Feb-17 15:40:27

I think you should have taken the two days off this week and get fully better
Rather then go back when not 100% right and feel worse

BoffinMum Sun 19-Feb-17 09:57:44

You must be feeling dreadful. As an employer I would be fine with you taking a whole week off.

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