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Does anyone use a Mothers Help (Parent help) or similar?

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underneaththeash Sun 12-Feb-17 17:37:04

We had a one in London, paid normal nanny rates, but she also did household jobs too. Having now moved out, nannies who also do housework are prized and make much more than just childcare nannies!

I'd get her to look at the nanny/mother's help/nanny-housekeeper roles on and nanny job. She could also have a look at maybe doing ad hoc work which she could carry on being SE for and could put an advert for her services in the local post office.

Toomanywheeliebinsagain Sun 12-Feb-17 16:38:30

I would kill to have some one like your mum. Sadly just stopped our nanny as my husband is taking a planned career break until our youngest starts school in September. But after that and he returns to work will need 2 x pick ups from school a week plus some cleaning. Probably 10-15 hours a week. Our last nanny was so fantastic because she just got stuck in at home-cooking tea, running errands, doing laundry etc. I live in London and would pay up to £13.50 gross with holiday tax etc

JoJoSM2 Sun 12-Feb-17 16:29:25

Being a mother's help requires less experience and skills than being a nanny. It is also less paid. If your mum is keen to do childcare as well as cleaning, cooking etc then she should look at nanny-housekeeper roles. Or she could just be a nanny. There is definitely some demand for part-time nannies as it's common for women to want to go back to work part-time or have grandparents help some days and hence require a nanny for say 2-3 days a week.

DarceyBushell Sun 12-Feb-17 15:52:39

Around me a lot of people would like a 'house keeper't type person who would do some cleaning/ironing and also collect the kids from school, supervise homework, make dinner etc. It's more people with older kids though, less cuddling ;-) Part time nannies are also very in demand, but I'd guess at 3 full days from 7am to 7pm so maybe too much for her. We have a local nanny agency and also a local mums FB group, maybe see if something similar?

NapQueen Sun 12-Feb-17 15:49:19

I think she wants something part time, and starting wind down etc. Nannying ft wouldn't appeal I don't think as it'll be very early starts and late finishes. A before/after school Nanny sounds good.

I don't think she would mind lots of short term mothers help roles; staying as long as needed then next family.

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wrinkleseverywhere Sun 12-Feb-17 15:45:02

Could she be a nanny? Still sole charge, no Ofsted, obviously not in your own and usually only one family. It would probably be a pay cut as cm around us charge about £6 per hour and a nanny could earn £11-12 per hour. Fewer overheads though as meals included, kitty for activities & can reclaim mileage.
I know one mother's help. It's not particularly secure employment as few people seem to employ them long term, more just at a time of particular need eg newborn baby & older children OR parent or other child in hospital etc. It is also only for a few hours a day and not every day so, if she needs to work full time, it would be hard as she would constantly have to re-jig her arrangements. She'd also have the problem that she is regularly having to adjust to a new family & their expectations of how they arrangement will work. Your mum might not have sole charge & obviously wouldn't be in her own home. Would she be happy with that?
If she can afford to only work a few hours a day, before & after school nanny might work. They get paid about £14 an hour near is.

NapQueen Sun 12-Feb-17 15:34:47

My lovely mum is a Childminder and nowt mid fifties is starting to get worn down with the paperwork / ofsted side of things. She's "old school" in that she spends all her time playing with the kids/baking with them/taking them out/reading/cuddles. Ofsted are very "step back and observe, monitor targets etc etc" and I think she's ready to step back from it all.

She's done this for the past 28 years and so has no confidence in what is next. I was explaining to her about Mothers Helpers and what that sort of thing entails and she seemed really interested.

Helping with cooking, cleaning, childcare, advice etc. All stuff shed be smashing at!

Trouble is we know no one who is one or who has one. Anyone on here have one? What sort of things do they do for you or with you? How many hours do they come to you? What sort of pay rates?

Thanks in advance!!

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