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CM CLUB: Help have my First Inspection this week...any advice on paperwork

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kpnuts2006 Tue 27-Feb-07 12:02:50

I have been registered for 6 months and this week will be my first proper inspection. Just wondering if you had any tips that will impress OFSTED regarding paperwork or any tips in general please. Would really appreciate your input. thank you

S88AHG Tue 27-Feb-07 12:30:29

Just make sure you can produce everything as they ask for it, and make it look neat, in folders or envelopes or whatever, I keep mine in a cupboard so not on show but accessable, just little things like that and I really made an effort to get down and play with the kids rather than supervising and doing tea at the same time!!!!!! Try not to worry about it I am sure you will be fine, best of luck

clairemmcc Tue 27-Feb-07 14:05:56

I had my inspection recently and the inspector checked to see that my register, accounts, contracts and reviews, medical records, receipts of payment were up to date and signed by parents. Also, the photo permission and outing permission forms that you get from NCMA. All of this is NCMA paperwork.

In addition she looked to see if there was a 'welcome pack' of policies that I handed out to parents, behaviour policy, fire escape plan, menu etc. She looked to see if I had a sample plan of weekly activities for parents to look at that was based on Birth-3 and making sure that all areas of the cirriculum were covered. This does not have to be particularly complex and I'm sure you can find details of birth-3 on the internet if you haven't had your training yet. A list of outings if you do them is useful. If you use 'Tracker' notebooks then make sure these are up to date also.

A folder showcasing your certificates (apart from the main one which has to be up somewhere) and details of your childminding practice that the inspector or prospective parents can leaf through including photographs if you have permission.

Don't worry too much though, my inspector was really nice. I didn't have all of the above but she just recommended that I get them all in place for next time.

Hope that helps

ThePrisoner Tue 27-Feb-07 20:24:43

Make sure you have a Complaints Book.

Theartistformelyknownashosha Tue 27-Feb-07 20:53:53

lots of photos nicely presented of things you have done, I lay everything out on the dining room table, all my books, photos, scrapbook of things the children have made and painted, anything that the children do is seen. Good luck and try not to panic.

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