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I am a mother who employs a wonderful mothers help,

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furcoatandnoknickers Tue 27-Feb-07 08:36:52

I wonder if i might ask your advice? (might be quite long?)
Our nanny came to us for just a few weeks, whilst she was looking for another job ( friends nannys friend) she is from NZ and over here traveling.
She has now been with us for 1 1/2 years.
We have a great deal, where she works for a bit , then travels for a bit (suits us both)

My youngest is now doing every morning at nursery, so I really dont need her full time at all, but she is going traveling at the end of may.

The thing is I want some time in my own home BY MYSELF, I feel as if im making up jobs, just to get her out...she is not doing anything wrong..I just need some time alone I feel stifled (sp?)

My sil (broke and with 2 small boys) whome our nanny has helped in past (at weekends etc because she is desperate to earn money to travel)lives a train ride away.

The question is if my sil paid the train fare, could I ask/how do I ask my nanny to go and work for them for the day.
I pay her £300 per week and she lives in. (this is extorsionate in our area, but most of her friends work in Notting Hill)
-My sil lives in London.

LRWG Tue 27-Feb-07 09:16:27

Maybe just explain the your SIL could use some help again and would she be able to go over for a day? Tell her that you will pay the train fare and that you'll understand if she doesn't want to do it. If you are open with her I can't see a problem. I'd do it if I was your nanny.

LRWG Tue 27-Feb-07 09:18:07

Sorry - your SIL pay the trainfare

furcoatandnoknickers Tue 27-Feb-07 09:22:05

LRGW do you think I/SIL should give her some extra money. Would feel anoyed if I had to! As I feel I pay enough already...

Mumpbump Tue 27-Feb-07 09:25:44

I wouldn't give her any extra money unless it involved her doing more hours that she already is.

ScottishThistle Tue 27-Feb-07 09:26:24

I think any reasonable Nanny would be happy with that arrangement & no I don't think you/SIL should have to pay any extra apart from train fare!

JustJAMtart Tue 27-Feb-07 09:30:02

Be honest and say, "as you can appreciate, not as much of a need now LO is at nursery, but obviously think the world of you and am aware you are off in May, so rather than cutting your hours, thought that a better soloution would be that SIL beneft from your help and you don't lose money"

Def' no to extra pay.

LRWG Tue 27-Feb-07 09:30:48

Think JJ has hit the nail on the head with that one! Definitely no extra cash though.

furcoatandnoknickers Tue 27-Feb-07 09:41:08

scotish thistle ,jj,mumpbump,lrwg THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT LOVELY ADVICE.
You know how it is, because YOU think its an ideal situation, you worry that its clouding your judgement!
JJ thats good to point out that - cutting hours, not loosing money!

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