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CM Club - ideas needed to amuse a 7 yr old after school please

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becksmummy Mon 26-Feb-07 20:43:40

I am new to child minding and currently only have a 7 yr old girl after school for 3 hours each day, I have colouring books, coloured paper, felt tips/pencils/paints, playdoh, animal dominos and we have done some baking but she gets easily bored and after 5/10 mins of doing something asks what she can do next!!!

I have my own 8 mth old daughter so cant give her my full attention the whole time as i have nappy changes, feeding etc to do so need some ideas please!!!!!

I do have another mindee starting next week but she is only 2 yrs old so not really an age to play together.

princesscc Mon 26-Feb-07 20:57:59

Sounds like you are giving her too much choice! I think you've offered everything pretty much. You could maybe start a scrap book that she can show to the newie next week. Get loads of old cards, mags etc and get her to sort colours for one page, animals for another etc. That way she'll have something in common with the 2 year old. In my experience (CM) the 2 year old will love the 7 year old and vice versa and keep each other occupied. Good luck

DimpledThighs Mon 26-Feb-07 21:02:19

mini project that you can start her off on and she can do on her own - or books of wordsearches / mazes

I have just made a diary with DS about an explorer they were looking at in school and that was really good funa nd he was off for hours.

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