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Will having SS involvement prevent me from becoming a childminder?

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OneWithTheForce Mon 23-Jan-17 14:37:57

I actually registered as a childminder before and passed all assessments but my home failed inspection because my garden was unsuitable (across a public entry way) and they wouldn't register the house without the garden as it was a small house. I was gutted but there wasn't nothing I could do at the time.

I've since moved to a much bigger house with garden and would like to apply again. However since the last time we now have SS involvement with my youngest son. He is 7 and has suspected ASD (awaiting assessment) just over a year ago he managed to let himself out of the house before I was even awake and managed to walk to our corner shop and then into town. He then got out of school a week later and did the same thing and we've had SS involvement since then. He has had various issues over that time both in school and with his dad and SS have now said his dad can't see him until he completes some parenting work with SS which he is doing and so far engaging with. (I dont live with or see his dad BtW- we have no contact, he is married) I have weekly contact with the social worker and she has stressed that I am being a protective parent and have been throughout. I am seeing her tomorrow and will ask her about this but I just wanted to get an idea of my chances? I am assuming it is a definite "no chance" as I do remember when I registered previously there were questions about SS involvement with the family.

nannynick Mon 23-Jan-17 19:02:26

I would not assume a definite no, as your sons dad does not have access to your home and you are not legally married. You have put measures in place to increase security I presume, so your son is less likely to go wandering on his own. I would expect it to delay your application as the regulator will want more details from social services.

Talk to your social worker about it, see what they think.

OneWithTheForce Mon 23-Jan-17 19:56:25

Thanks nannynick

Yes we have done lots of work with DS about safety and never going anywhere alone. He still doesn't understand why he was wrong to do it but he knows that he can't. He tells me everywhere he is going now, to the toilet, to the garden, to the living room. And of course there are no keys left in locks or where he can get them. Our new house and garden is a lot more secure and difficult for him to get out of unnoticed if he were to try but he hasn't. (This far anyway!)

OneWithTheForce Tue 24-Jan-17 14:51:24

Spoke to SW today and she was confident my chances won't be affected at all as the concern is entirely with DC dad and ive been protective parent throughout. Hope She is right! Going to apply for registration now. Thanks again nannynick.

nannynick Tue 24-Jan-17 17:13:13

Great news. All you can do is try and be honest about the situation if they ask for more detail.

OneWithTheForce Tue 24-Jan-17 17:16:31

Oh yes I will, SW said they will contact her anyway to get the whole picture and she will tell them what the situation is.

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