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How much would you expect to pay for this?

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Shelvesoutofbooks Mon 23-Jan-17 09:38:29

We have 2 dc, both in nursery/school and need before and after school care. There's a nanny in our area who looks after 1 child also b/a school care. We talked about a nanny share and she's up for it, but we don't know how much to pay her. It'd ve around 20 hrs per week, and we live in London. Is £10 net an hour okay?

ittybittyluna Mon 23-Jan-17 11:17:42

Is this in addition to what she is already being paid by her current employers? And as this is technically a second job, always agree a gross rate instead of net - the tax bill may come as a shock. So perhaps £12/13 gross per hour.

Cindy34 Mon 23-Jan-17 13:27:33

I agree, a share could easily be £12/13 gross, more in some parts of London. The share amount is then split between the families when all children are being cared for, it can be on various percentages depending on number of children each family has, whose home is used, that sort of thing. Discuss it with the other family.

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