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what is the going rate for a 16 yr old babysitter?

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greedyforbabies Sat 24-Feb-07 18:18:09

using a babysitter tonight for the first time and i wondered what the going rate was? i live in the south east

SueBrom Sat 24-Feb-07 19:04:03

As a C/M I charge £3.50 per hour per child so definately less than that. The sitter is not qualified or trained. Depending on hours spent there and what they have to do I would say £15 - £20. But then I am in Bolton, North West so we are all cheap up here!!

crunchie Sat 24-Feb-07 19:05:51

depends where you are, I would have though £5 an hour (bear in mind there maybe more than one child sue)

SturdyAngel Sat 24-Feb-07 19:06:01

I pay £20 for around 4 hours. I'm in Surrey.

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