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childminers , how does your own kids cope with your job ?

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tappy Sat 24-Feb-07 13:47:23

can any childminders out there let me know how there kids cope with there job. i have a 9 year old daughter that is beginning to drive me crazy as she says that she doesnt like some of the kids i seems to be just for selfish reasons .

shosha Sat 24-Feb-07 13:59:16

Message withdrawn

mykidzrmyworld Sat 24-Feb-07 14:05:56

I am having some troubles with my 3yr old! Even last night when a mum came around for initial visit he said he didnt like the baby luckily mum still signed up.
basically i think they go through stages!Have u been minding long?Im newish to this so im thinking my ds needs time to get use to it!

franyfroo Sat 24-Feb-07 15:31:31

my son has adjusted very well to my minding, he is 14 now, and the little ones all adore him. daughter has never been happy with my job. she is 10 now and i have been minding 5 years. she is very much a mumies girl and so hates me hugging the mindees...........but i am very strict with her and she just has to get on with it, i earn good money, she has great holidays, after school activities etc and hopefully one day she will understand that.

on the plus side, having to listen to screaming babies, see vomit and poo on a regular basis, i don't think either of them will be rushing to have babies

hennipenni Sat 24-Feb-07 20:01:59

Badly, but please excuse me, I've had a drink, which after a manic half term of minding I very badly needed

charmedhay Sun 25-Feb-07 10:04:09

It seems to be a bit of love/hate i have 5 afterschool kids from 9 to 5 years. dd is 6 and ds is nearly 3 [ ds gets on great with mindee 3 years] and the older ones seem to swap between them !! First mindees i had the older one didn't get on at all with dd and just hit ds so i tried for 3 mths and had to give them up [ which was a shame as little one was precious!]

ThePrisoner Sun 25-Feb-07 23:51:19

When I first started minding, my youngest was 8 years old. They loved have babies and toddlers around, and regarded the older schoolchildren as permanent playdates!

Nowadays, they love me having lots of children around because it funds their extremely expensive lifestyles.

We obviously did have blips, and I did have one or two children that they weren't too keen on (only ever older ones). Basically, they just had to lump it, but I wasn't too heartless about it. I ensured that older children were not allowed upstairs unless invited by my children. All my toys/activities were solely childminding stuff and mindees didn't have access to my childrens' stuff. Oh yes, and then we converted the garage to make another sitting room so they could have their own privacy!

Can you bribe her with something (money, chocolate, occasional new DVD/CD/PC game, weekend treat)?

belly7 Mon 26-Feb-07 12:13:32

Hi i have two children of my own adaughter of 7yrs @a 10yr old boy.Ihave been very lucky in the respect that my children love having the two chilminded children around and play with them very well.When i first went in to chilminding i did sit them down and spoke to them about what i wanted to do ,they where very excited about the prospect of having other children around espically in the holidays.Ido think that your own children do go through stages of liking a child then not but at the end of the day you will find your way and im sure everyting will work out fine.

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