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Attn: DMO re: Lotsofbabies triple/double chair

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crace Fri 23-Feb-07 17:03:50

I am thinking about getting on, and ditching my double and keeping my single but it's becoming apparent that I am going to need a triple sometimes.

Do you like it - is it easy to "drive"? I would need it for the school runs and I have the smallest pavements where I live!

dmo Fri 23-Feb-07 18:17:55

hi crace
yes the pram is so handy but you do also need the single
i have 3 children most days so need the triple but if ones off then i need the double
its easy to push but it is a pavement hogger
i use my mostly for school runs and its fab

the pram has handels rather than a bar so other children put their bookbags on the handels and i can choose which handels i need to hold to push the pram

hope this helps and i hope you can find one i got mine from e-bay

crace Fri 23-Feb-07 18:23:44

I couldn't find one on ebay, sadly - looks like it just the full whack from the manufacturer! But you've sold me on it - thanks for your input!

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