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C/M Question

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crace Fri 23-Feb-07 10:27:32

I have been contacted by my local NCMA advisor and have been invited to a training session for an extended schools program for rural schools.

Does anyone know what this is about? And if it will actually benefit me in anyway?

I am having a dreadful time trying to fill my spaces! I still have 2 spaces left, and a part time pm only space will be available once this baby I am minding goes back to part time.

nannynick Fri 23-Feb-07 12:14:25

Not sure if this helps or not
Home-based Childcare and Extended Schools - NCMA Briefing

Also found a comment from NCMA in response to Ofsted report on extended schools.
NCMA responds to Ofsted report on extended schools and children's centres - 1-Aug-2006

In Hampshire NCMA are working with Schools, assisting them in producing a directory of quality childcare provision.

Perhaps the training is on how to link your childminding service to the school, so that in partnership you can provide childcare which meets the needs of working parents in your area. Will it be of benefit... well you will find out what is going on locally, and the school(s) involved will know about you and what you provide.

crace Fri 23-Feb-07 13:18:27

Thanks Nick - you are definitely the ultimate in research. That makes sense now, she wasn't clear about it on the phone..

will be interesting to see how this all pans out with wrap around school care.

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