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CM CLUB - Advise please from experienced CM's!!!!!

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star1976 Thu 22-Feb-07 15:43:38

Have been sent an application form for Second Round Grant Funding for Childcare from local council, and as there are several things need/would like am going to apply.

Only thing is how the hell do I word it to fit into required category on form?????

Need new car seat for mindee - so have put that in Being Safe category.

Also would like a small table and chairs as mindee reaching age where art more feasible activity and lunch could be a more social occasion (instead of just sat in highchair).

And in need of outdoor activites for summer as all we have so far is a baby swing, so would like little slide, sand pit, etc.

Problem is have to fit into one of the following categories with 'details of proposed spend':

Being Healthy
Being Safe
Enjoying & Achieving
Make a Positive Contribution
Achieve Economic Wellbeing

Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks [smile[

dmo Thu 22-Feb-07 16:35:59

i would put table under being safe
and summer toys under enjoying and achieving

i have never applyed for a grant who is entitled to them?
who do you write to?

star1976 Thu 22-Feb-07 16:50:44

Thanks dmo.

It is from local Early Years and Childcare Service (Bromley Borough of London Council). Never approached them, just got a letter through the post saying have been provisionally allocated £200. If stop childminding in next 6 months have to pay it back, otherwise just need to provide receipts for purchases on request.

Says funding must only be requested for items and services that delivery key objectives to support -

Obviously have to convince them I NEED the equipment first though!

Why do they have to make it so complicated??

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