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Can someone help me on Aupair Hours

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mishmash Thu 22-Feb-07 09:47:24

My aupair currently works max 25 hours per week - less most weeks and rarely gets asked to babysit.

Anyhow my children are all school going so obviously they are off certain days for mid-term etc... It has all been fine up to now because when she came last August they were signed up for various summer camps, Christmas DH was off and all other times I have managed a late start at work.

However this will be a problem during the summer months this year due to staffing issues etc... at work.

Before we took her as our aupair she had already agreed to work up to 30 hours per week plus 2 nights babysitting.

Would it be reasonable for me to expect her to step up to the 30 hour mark for the summer months for the same pocket money - agreed at the outset? Her friend gets paid the same pocket money for much longer hours.

BTW we got her through an agency and see from her application that in the declaration that she agreed to 30 hours per week plus 3 nights babysitting for the pocket money offered.

sunnyjim Thu 22-Feb-07 11:37:49

How about you make an arrangement that she only works 20 hrs in the 6 weeks prior to the school holidays and then works 30 hrs for those 6 weeks? That way she is doing the same amount of hours just workign more flexibly. It would be nice if you can give her a full week off - maybe when you are on holiday otherwise she has to work the whole summer.

I;d also cut down on the household duties during the 6 weeks hols, its harder anyway when the kids are at home and if she is doing 30 hrs then she'll be too tired to do much else around the house.

mishmash Fri 23-Feb-07 10:48:16

Thanks sunnyjim

It looks like she will probably be finishing just one week into their hols as new aupair is available then so may not have to worry about it at all

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